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Another chemical on its way?😢

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Rainbow1808 Thu 25-Jun-20 11:54:33

Pretty sure I’m going to have another chemical😢 First picture was Tuesday, and the other this morning which by now today’s test should be darker. This will be the second one in a rowsad I want to scream I am so angry and upset!! sad

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SpillTheTeaa Thu 25-Jun-20 11:57:07

Try and take a cheap test from the super market and see if that's any different. Don't rule anything out at the moment. thanks

SpillTheTeaa Thu 25-Jun-20 11:57:56

It could just be that it's super super early x

SkylinesTurnstiles Thu 25-Jun-20 11:58:57

Hi OP.
To be honest I have had horrid evaps that looked like positive tests, much like your test. So I think those tests are negative.
Did you try any other tests?
Sorry that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

Rainbow1808 Thu 25-Jun-20 12:01:32

I took this one too, this was an Asda one

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Rainbow1808 Thu 25-Jun-20 12:03:17

@SkylinesTurnstiles it’s ok, to be honest right now I’m hoping it is evap rather than have to go through another chemical

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Vea1601 Thu 25-Jun-20 12:20:06

When's your period due? X

Rainbow1808 Thu 25-Jun-20 12:26:33

@vea Saturday x

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Vea1601 Thu 25-Jun-20 13:00:47

I'd genuinely leave it until Sunday lovely xxxx

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