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pcos - do I need to give up gluten and dairy

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mrsfitzyj Wed 24-Jun-20 22:57:41

Hi all,

I am new to this forum so hello! I'm 33 and have been trying for a baby for approx 9 months, with no joy as of yet. I have PCOS but appear to be ovulating according to long term tracking and testing. My cycle lasts anywhere between 34 days to 54 days - most recently 34. I'm steadily losing weight and reducing stress, but I'm so confused as to what diet I should be following. Any doctor I speak to says giving up gluten and dairy is a no no when conceiving yet every single PCOS specialist/coach/nutritionist says to do it. I'd love to hear some real stories and case studies. Please share with me if you relate or have experience. Thanks x

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Mistymonday Wed 24-Jun-20 23:17:30

Not sure if I am what you’re looking for but I was diagnosed with PCOS in my late 20s, I went vegan for ethical reasons at 30 (was already veggie) and my cycles regularised totally. I was still eating gluten in those days so it must have been the dairy.

Had some ‘Pre-conception/age-anxiety’ fertility checks last year at 37 and they found no sign of pcos at all.

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