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Improving egg quality

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CordyD Wed 24-Jun-20 13:10:42

Hi smile, first time posting. I'm 36 and just had my first IVF cycle. I had my son 5 years ago naturally and conceived on my honeymoon but for the past 4 years I've had one miscarriage. My egg quality seems to be poor which was only discovered after the egg collection. Has anyone managed to improve the quality of their eggs? I have started reading 'It started with the egg' and now taking proceive max in case I need to do another egg collection. Any tips? Thanks so much.

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ivfgottostaypositive Wed 24-Jun-20 13:26:00


I had a very similar experience - 1 DD conceived naturally after a miscarriage and then in the last 2 years I've had a further 4 miscarriages (and 2 ruptured ectopics) I've also done 5 rounds of IVF

I had a big shock on my first IVF cycle that my egg quality was stated to be "poor" but I guess that explains our miscarriages. We persevered through 2 short protocol IVF with ICSI cycles with Create - in total 27 eggs, less than 30% fertilised and ended up with 4 average quality blastocysts. 3 transfers - 2 were BFN and 1 was another ectopic. We PGS tested 2 and both came back with chromosome issues

So after cycle 1 I changed supplements to Proceive max and added in coq10 - by the time cycle 2 came round 8 months later there was no discernible difference in egg quality

SO......we changed to natural modified IVF again with CReate as I didn't see the point of forcing my body to create lots of crap eggs. My doctor said why force your body to go the speed of a Ferrari when it's clearly more like a Ford Focus (🤣🤣). So we stripped back all the drugs.

Cycles 1 and 2 of natural modified with ICSI yielded a total of 9 eggs - 100% fertilised so MASSIVE difference and all grade 1 top quality on day 3 and ended up with 4 top quality blastocysts frozen on day 5

Then covid hit. I thought well here is a chance to really work on egg quality - lost 1/2 stone, no stress as working from hone, ate really healthy and added in royal jelly as well as changing coq10 to ubquinol which is the higher strength version. Guess what happened.....cycle 3 of natural modified egg quality was crap! (But we did tweak the drugs to increase them a bit) 2 follicles both grade 4 and neither made to blastocyst

We transferred 2 from the first cycle of natural modified and got my BFP last week

So what I'm saying is the ONLY thing which has made a difference to me was stripping all the drugs back - on pure natural modified I took tamoxifen tablets and then 150ml Bemfola every OTHER day and I got the best quality I have ever had. When on the 3rd cycle It was upped to daily with no tamoxifen the quality dropped again

So - supplements / lifestyle / weight / healthy living had ZERO EFFECT

I also think that it's very much dependent on what your specific mix of hormones are doing that month. One size fits all drug regime doesn't work for egg quality that's why clinics like ARGC get such amazing results because they do daily blood tests and scans and are constantly changing things but it's costs £20k a cycle

I also think the first cycle is always a bit of a tester and it takes multiple rounds to find out what works for your specific circumstances

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