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TTC after MC - June/July 2020 (Part 4)

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VP91x Wed 24-Jun-20 09:57:06

Hey lovelies ❤️

BFPs 🥰


I'm on CD25 AF due 2nd July, potentially no ovulation this month or my body just refuses to budge on temp 😩

If anyone else would like to join please do xx

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Dipsy77 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:06:22

@vp91x thanks for the new thread
I'm CD17 cycle 3 haven't ovulated so far this month but taking a break till next month due to DP having back issues l, bring on the bfps x

MichT4 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:21:19

Thanks @VP91x. We are a chatty lot!

I’m CD6900 (CD32) and only ovulated CD27, possibly after a failed earlier attempt. In it for the long haul this month it seems. Settling into the TWW in my usual impatient fashion, but enjoying the sunshine while I wait

chloedancer897 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:23:40

Thank you for the add again.

I'm currently CD5, going to start CB digital testing on CD10. Fingers crossed for July everyone xox

Jazper Wed 24-Jun-20 10:29:24

4th cycle post mc.
CD17. (Im)patiently waiting for ov 🙄🤞🏼

mrsssk Wed 24-Jun-20 10:39:11

Thanks for the new thread @vp91x

I'm currently CD28 (CD1 being mc bleeding). I believe 14DPO, have zero signs of pg, had a couple of days of light pink spotting on CD 24-26 and now nothing. Currently driving myself potty waiting for AF to make an appearance 🤪

busby85 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:53:21

Hey lovlies, wondering if anyone could offer me some advice. Currently experiencing mc number 2 this time at 10 weeks. With my previous i bled consistently for about 4 days with decent sized clots (sorry tmi) this time i have been bleeding for 8 days so far - not consistently a little here, a little there. No clots since last Weds. i had a scan a week ago and nothing was in the sac that was visible so am back next week for another. I just dont know what to think/do. How long would you expect to bleed for? The cramping was hideous but stopped on Monday yet I am still bleeding albeit on and off. I want to get back to some sense of normal - hit some gym classes and look to dtd again with the plan of Ttc again as soo as feasible. I just cant work out what is going on with my body as it is so different to my last experience! Help!!!! 🤯

HopeForRainbowbaby Wed 24-Jun-20 11:07:55

I'm 32, Ttc#1 with 2 MCs, one in March and the other one now in May.this is cycle where 1cd is MC. I'm currently at CD30 or 14dpo. Bfn on 12 dpo and didn't test since. I'm also checking for AF but nothing yet.

VP91x Wed 24-Jun-20 11:10:50

@MichT4 We are! I think I may be getting AF. My back feels crampy/twingey and my brownish CM from earlier has turned more like fresh.

@busby85 I think it can be quite normal to bleed/spot for longer than a week, if theres no pain or clots then hopefully all is okay. When do you next have your scan? X

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HopeForRainbowbaby Wed 24-Jun-20 11:13:37

@busby85 I'm so sorry you are going through MC now sad if you are at 10 weeks I expect the bleeding to last longer. For me at 9 weeks, bleeding was lasting around 12-14 days and not non stop. I had two bad days where I was passing big clots.

Northernsoul90 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:15:24

Thank you @VP91x for making the new thread and adding! I’ve been a bit quiet as I’m still waiting for a negative text test post mva (mc was my first pregnancy). Going off day of mva as cd1 I’m currently cd16 but not checking for ovulation yet or actively ttc as I think my hcg is still too high. Hoping to get my negative test soon so af arrives and I can start trying properly! 🤞🏼 Hope you are all doing well and fingers crossed for July for everyone

Northernsoul90 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:18:58

@busby85 so sorry for your mc sad and that you are going through it right now. I think that bleeding can come on lighter and heavier day to day. I had mva at 8 weeks and bled for 2 weeks afterwards, some days a lot heavier than others and some days more like brown spotting.

busby85 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:49:03

Thanks @Northernsoul90 @HopeForRainbowbaby @vp91x its so frustrating isnt it! My next scan is a week today so just hopeful everything is OK then. I am clearly being very impatient 😂 xx

Northernsoul90 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:09:26

@busby85 hoping it goes well for you at your scan. Be kind to yourself and give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover. I’m impatient too at the minute, I just want my cycles to return now. Never thought I would want to see a negative pregnancy test as much! Xx

busby85 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:22:09

@Northernsoul90 its like total mind games isnt it. I hope you get back to normal soon xx

Quail15 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:23:17

Hi ladies, I'm back ☹️ I was on the march & April threads after a MC in Feb. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with twins in April. Unfortunately I started bleeding at the weekend and I suddenly stopped feeling pregnant. I had a MMC confirmed this morning at 9+4 weeks.

I'm heartbroken but desperate for it all to be over to try again. I am being referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic but I don't really know what they will do 🤷

You were all an amazing support last time. I hope you are all well X x

mrsssk Wed 24-Jun-20 12:40:03

hi @Quail15 , I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. My heart goes out to you.
I hope you have good support at home IRL too. Please look after yourself and I hope the clinic can give you some answers in due course x

MichT4 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:40:23

@quail15 I am so sorry to hear your news. I know there’s probably not a lot that will comfort you, but I hope we can help you in some way. Be kind to yourself and relax as much as you can. I hope it’s over quickly and you get some answers from the clinic.

@busby85 I hope you stop bleeding soon, it’s not a nice reminder of what’s happened.

@Northernsoul90 I hope you get your negative soon too. Definitely hoping July is a lucky month for us all

Sending you all love xx

@VP91x AF already? That’s very early. What’s going on? This is like some sort of other universe

HopeForRainbowbaby Wed 24-Jun-20 13:05:52

@Quail15 I'm so sorry that you are going through miscarriage and that you are returning to group. Take time for yourself and be kind to yourself when you feel like it ! The ladies are great at supporting each other here😘 I wish you that it goes quickly and painless so you and your hubby can ttc ASAP ! And that the clinic can help you but my midwife told me with recurrent miscarriage 9/10 they can't find the cause. So it is just bad lucksad I'm hoping for third time being a charm. Sending you and your family lots of love ❤️

VP91x Wed 24-Jun-20 13:05:59

@Quail15 I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your twins, you must be so so heartbroken right now. I hope you are heing well looked after anf the RMC can offer you some guidance or help so it does not happen to you again.

@MichT4 I have no idea what on earth is going on. But 95% sure it is AF. It is not quite there when I wipe but I've checked twice and definitely a fresher bleed. The lower back ache and some cramping is unmistakable. I'm so confused. My body is clearly still a mess xx

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Northernsoul90 Wed 24-Jun-20 13:19:07

@MichT4 thank you! Xx

@Quail15 I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the RMC can give you some advice and I’m wishing you as quick a recovery as possible. Take your time and let yourself heal it’s such a hard thing to get over. I hope you are being looked after and have some good support at home as well as on here 😘

Diorissimo1985 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:02:33

Thanks for the new thread @VP91x xx

@Quail15 I’m so sorry for your loss, I hope we can be a place of support and comfort for you again (I’m also a ‘returner’ to the group, it is so very hard flowers) x

busby85 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:05:26

I think my message this morning mentally got things moving. Sorry for being so graphic..... i just passed a very large blood clot. Its what i have been waiting for but it scarily resembled a human shape (I am sure it was just the way it landed) but did make me sad. I am relieved that it has moved forwards but the sense of loss is very real. A relaxed afternoon is now on the cards I think xx

Ejb86 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:10:10

Thanks for the add @VP91x xx

Dipsy77 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:15:52

@busby85 and @Quail15 so sorry for your losses and that you find yourselves back here again be kind to yourselves xx

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