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First chemical pregnancy

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Itisme90 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:19:34

@Kelcat9494 thank you for replying that’s is encouraging I don’t know how to feel just now it definitely is emotionally exhausting. Hopefully things will be different with this cycle. Congratulations that’s amazing it’s nice to hear some good news

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Kelcat9494 Wed 24-Jun-20 09:49:59

Aw I'm so sorry hun, I think it's fine you TTC straight away as it's kind of like a period more than a miscarriage (physically not emotionally) I had one in January and I'm 8 + 2 days smile xx

Itisme90 Wed 24-Jun-20 09:47:52

Hi ladies looking for advice I have just experienced my first chemical pregnancy. AF was late on Saturday took test on Sunday and Monday got a bfp I couldn’t believe it then on Tuesday morning got woke up really early with bad cramps had some spotting then got up this morning and have a really heavy bleed with massive clots sorry tmi.
What I want to know is it ok to keep trying straight after or do I need to wait to TTC?

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