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Low Progesterone - any recommendations?

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Ardessa Tue 23-Jun-20 14:27:02


I've just found out I have low progesterone, my reading was 9 when it should be 30. Was taken a few days before AF. Can anyone recommend any tried and tested tablets or creams which increased your levels? Thank you!

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Ardessa Tue 23-Jun-20 22:49:22


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KatBeCool Wed 24-Jun-20 04:42:55

Your best move is to see a specialist.

Quail15 Wed 24-Jun-20 06:45:17

I had progesterone injections prescribed by a private fertility clinic.

Ardessa Fri 03-Jul-20 19:58:56

I'm waiting for a referral but it is taking some time understandably. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any progesterone vitamins or creams I can buy online in the interim?

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