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18 months ttc 8dpo - Sensitive teeth ??sign

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Vea1601 Tue 23-Jun-20 09:48:26


I'm 8dpo of my 18th cycle trying to conceive (eurgh!). Trying not to symptom spot as it becomes all consuming. However this morning I can barely brush my teeth they're SO sensitive. It made me feel sick. Obviously I googled sensitive teeth and pregnancy and they are oddly linked. Wondered if anyone else got this?

We used the clear blue digital advanced ovulation kit this month. Did the deed every day for a week 😏 on the day I got the Lh surge we did it twice but had to miss the next day unfortunately. So not sure if we timed it right at all. I presumed I ovulated the next day after the Lh surge but who knows!

I really want it this month and I think that I'll take it hard when af likely arrives. But the sensitive teeth thing is so odd. I've never had them before!! X

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NoCallerID Tue 23-Jun-20 10:46:10

I've had this with my last two pregnancies!!

Not necessarily when brushing but generally felt sensitive like when I whiten my teeth.

NoCallerID Tue 23-Jun-20 10:47:50

But to add - I'm 6dpo now (the two last pregnancies didn't last for different reasons) and think my teeth are sensitive again, but I'm well aware that I'm symptom spotting...

Vea1601 Tue 23-Jun-20 11:34:40

Morning. I'm so sorry to hear that! It's a difficult "journey" isn't it. I hate that word journey!

I just tried to bite into an apple and that hurt too. Either I'm imaging it, I'm getting sinusitis or I'm pregnant eh. Haha. I don't actually know when my period is. I'm swapping apps atm. Previously used Clue and that has all my old cycles on. That's predicting af Sunday. But the new app I've transitioned to says Friday... But 2 weeks after my lh surge is Monday. SO WHO KNOWS. HAHA. I JUST WANT TO KNOW!! It's odd you noticed it with previous bfp's! Google doesn't have much but does say hormone surge can cause it.

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