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How long can implantation bleeding last

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Boc86 Mon 22-Jun-20 22:25:36

I was due on Saturday at 10dpo (short luteul phase)
I started wiping brown Friday as I always do before my AF
Still wiping brown Saturday but the odd red streak
Same Sunday brown with an odd red dot
Today I’ve wiped almost nothing all day and started getting faint positives, I’m 12dpo
Tonight I’ve just started wiping a lot of watery brown to pink and getting the achey heavy uterus feeling again that I had from 7-10dpo ish
Can your implantation blending go on that long and stop and start? I’ve wiped nothing since this morning and this was quite a bit tonight. Not a flow or anything but a good 5-6 wipes

I was so hopeful after getting faint positives 3 times today and now I think I’m coming on sad but I would never wipe brown for 4 day’s before AF

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Boc86 Tue 23-Jun-20 05:16:24

AF is here
4 days late, very faint positives and tons of pregnancy symptoms sad

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