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Period after chemical

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thebearwentoverthebumble Mon 22-Jun-20 17:24:33

Hi everyone I need some advice I had a chemical last month, the bleeding started the day my period was due so I assumed it also counted as my period and my next period would be 27 days later as usual but I'm now a week late and I'm wondering how long it took for your periods to come back after a chemical? I read online that it didn't really affect periods unless the miscarriage was a later one at maybe 8 weeks + but I was only 4 weeks when I had mine and the bleeding started the day I was due.

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Kinder19 Mon 22-Jun-20 18:03:14

Hi - same thing happened to me last month and I’ve just had a 42 day cycle. Definitely wasn’t pregnant this time but it messed things up for me more than I expected. Actually don’t think I ovulated as never got a positive opk for the first time in a good few months.

Have you done a test?

thebearwentoverthebumble Mon 22-Jun-20 18:14:40

Hi thanks for replying! I did a test last week and it was negative I will buy another on Thursday when I get paid if period still hasn't arrived. Good to know its normal, I wasn't trying to conceive but once we had the chemical we were really disappointed so decided to try, so would love just to get my period so I know where I am in my cycle. Good luck to you smile

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