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6 months plus ttc (continuation of 6/7 months ttc) all welcome

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Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 11:54:46

Hi everyone just another continuation thread 😊

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DSC1 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:08:56

@Twinkletoes85 thanks so much for setting up the new thread.

Once you get the flashing smiley you can test more than once a day to try and catch the surge as early as possible. Once I see EWCM I then test evening too. They are so expensive though to use - I buy from Groupon as I think they are quite a bit cheaper. Hope you get the static - I usually use Flo app but it doesn’t tend to coincide with my static smiley so trying Fertility Friend this month too to see if that’s more accurate?

Missgoldilocks Sat 20-Jun-20 12:17:33

Making my spot smile
6dpo today and nothing out of the ordinary!
How is everyone?

Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:27:38

@DSC1 I didn't know that! I will definitely test later today then thank you 😊

I've been using Flo but this month added fertility friend and straight away that was more accurate. Flo has caught up a bit and the both predict ovulation over this weekend now. I'm going to keep on with FF though as it seems better.

I'll have a look on groupon see if I can find a deal!

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Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:28:25

@Missgoldilocks good today thanks. How are you?

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Douya Sat 20-Jun-20 12:32:47

@swifty2 I've read up on PCOS now. It could be that, I think I'll have to wait until Nov for a referral for a scam to see. Seems that weight loss can improve things for PCOS related irregular cycles, so I'm going to try my best in that regard too now. I'm going see the next 5 months as a sort of home science experiment! Collecting lots of data, and trying to lose a few kilos to improve the odds. Getting good data for the doctors come November, and getting myself in shape for any treatment needed. Focusing on that will I hope detract from the BFNs.

Tilly1403 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:34:59

@DSC1 ooh I didn't realise that either! I just did a bit of reading up about it after you said that and discovered a lot of women have LH surge in the morning and it therefore shows in the afternoon, by the following morning you may well have missed it!
They're so expensive aren't they but I just can't get on with trying to figure out if the line is dark enough on the cheapie ones.

gypsywater Sat 20-Jun-20 12:48:00

Thanks for setting up new thread @Twinkletoes85

DSC1 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:50:00

@Tilly1403 I can’t figure out the cheapie ones either so also just prefer to use the CB. It took me a while to fully understand when to test twice a day, the instructions could definitely be a bit clearer.

@Twinkletoes85 I think Groupon is £25 for 20 tests (most places sell in packs of 10 I think) - some months I can get 2 cycles out of that

Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 12:53:30

@DSC1 fab I will definitely go look! Thank you for mentioning the testing twice a day. Cm wish my body's screaming that it's ov time. OH is definitely a bit relieved when it's time for a rest from dtd so he's also pleased that we potentially don't have to add another day to window 😂

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Hoping41 Sat 20-Jun-20 13:00:04

@Twinkletoes85 thanks for the new thread. Good luck to everyone everything their fertile week. 🤞

Posy1 Sat 20-Jun-20 13:05:38

@Twinkletoes85 thanks for the new thread. Hopefully it will be a lucky one for lots of us.

10/11 dpo here and BFN with internet cheapie this morn. Knew it was going to be negative though as ovulated too early. This month is so different to last month, definitely feel something may have started to happen last month.

Anyone thinking about testing soon?

Aokbaby Sat 20-Jun-20 13:05:53

@Twinkletoes85 thanks for setting up the thread again🙂
Seem to have got my ovulation temp dip this morning, did opk and second line is there but not very dark, I'll test again this pm. DH is working today so had to grab him to bd this morning before he left lol was very surprised!! I'm on cd 19 now so hopefully today's the day or else I've just missed it and it's been at a normal time this cycle, crossing everything!!

Nat4392 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:08:09

Just saving my spot in the thread How are we on the 3rd thread already?!

Tink2019 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:09:35

Hey ladies, @Twinkletoes85 thank you for starting a new thread - I just said to my husband how helpful I'm finding it and how lovely everyone is 😊 He's very happy as it means I don't talk at him so much about stuff I've read etc!

Just wanted to say I use the cheap internet OPKs and have found different brands make a difference. The One Step ones I never got a 'peak', but with Wondfo I do - have even used both with the same wee and got a very strong peak line with Wondfo and barely a line with One Step! Would definitely recommend for anyone with irregular cycles as they're so cheap you can test for a couple of weeks straight without it costing much x

Fifol Sat 20-Jun-20 14:33:50

@Twinkletoes85 I always only test in the morning and have always had my static but the number if flashing smileys has been different every month so don't panic yet! If you're having ewcm then I'd say it's on the way! I only tracked bbt since last month but didnt see any change until after ovulation so I'd say just keep tracking that too and just see what happens!

Aokbaby Sat 20-Jun-20 14:42:59

@Tink2019 thanks for posting this, I'm using the one step and am barely seeing anything, was starting to maybe question the quality of the strips themselves as my bbt definitely shows ovulation. must get some wondfo, do you buy them on eBay?

Seafrontsky Sat 20-Jun-20 14:59:52

Thanks @Twinkletoes85 for the new thread. And thanks everybody for advice on laparoscopy. That's a good point on covid as the white lie.
Welcome @Douya I hope this is your month. I agree saying something similar is a good idea. I remembered I had an abnormal smear a few years back and they had to do a procedure to burn the cells. I think I'll replicate that as a reason as its plausible enough. I'm such a rubbish liar and I hate it! Think I am leaning towards going ahead with it. Better to try everything you can than wait and see.

Feeling rather down today. My friend (who lives on my street) had a beautiful little boy yesterday. Thought it would wash over me because shes been trying 2 years and I'm genuinely so happy for her. But no, still feel really despondent about it all! Annoyed with myself as I was feeling so positive, like this month or next was my time. Going for a walk to clear my head from the fog!

Nat4392 Sat 20-Jun-20 16:21:30

@Twinkletoes85 I had a flashing smiley this morning but then noticed EWCM so just tested again and got a static. Defo test more than once a day if you think you’re close. I agree they’re ridiculously expensive though. I get mine from amazon for around £28 for 20 with prime delivery, that seems to be the best price I can find

Giraffelover90 Sat 20-Jun-20 16:43:50

Hey everybody. So sorry I’ve not been on here for a while. Not long after joining the thread I suddenly became quite ill and got admitted to hospital and it was discovered that I had a cyst on my brain which was preventing fluid being able to drain down my spine. It then became apparent I need to have a brain endoscopy and it’s all happened very quickly and been very concerning. I had to do a pregnancy test before going for surgery and it was detected that I’m pregnant!! But I had no idea as we’d kind of relaxed off a bit as I hadn’t been feeling too well lately. There is a very high chance that I’ll miscarry though so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. Thinking about all of you lovely lot and hope you all get a bfp soon 🤞🏻 And I’m hoping and praying this little one sticks and stays with me 🤞🏻🥰

Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 16:56:44

@Giraffelover90 wow you have been through an awful lot! Have you had your endoscopy and are you ok?

I really hope your little bean sticks for you! I will cross everything for you as you deserve for this bean to be a baby xx

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Giraffelover90 Sat 20-Jun-20 17:01:10

@Twinkletoes85 thank you so much. Yes I had the surgery done yesterday afternoon. I'm very sore and my head feels very strange. Hoping for the best now and hoping all is well. It's been such a whirlwind of a couple of months! I was so shocked to be told i was pregnant. It's not what you expect just before going down for surgery! I've had an internal scan but they think it's too early at the moment to really tell. So I'm booked in for another scan in 2 weeks 🤞🏻 xx

Twinkletoes85 Sat 20-Jun-20 17:09:40

@Giraffelover90 yes I expect it's really not the news you'd think to hear!! how far along are you?

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Giraffelover90 Sat 20-Jun-20 17:12:53

@Twinkletoes85 they think I'm likely to be around 3-4 weeks so super early at the moment! X

Aokbaby Sat 20-Jun-20 18:13:38

@Giraffelover90 omg that sounds terrible, glad you're through the worst! Sending lots of love and hope for the baby 💕x

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