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Did I ovulate or fail to ovulate?

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FebruaryJuly Sat 20-Jun-20 09:33:05

I had very near to a positive opk on 13th June (7days ago) and each opk after that got lighter until each was negative. I didn't quite catch the beaming positive on my opk so I'm paranoid that it may not have happened.

Is it likely that my body didn't actually ovulate or likely that I just tested a bit too late to get the real peak?

I'm starting to feel very negative and lose hope about this month. Also, is I got that almost positive 7 days ago, how many days past ovulation will I be classed as now?

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Polly99 Sat 20-Jun-20 09:39:34

You can't tell if you have ovulated from OPKs I'm afraid. They detect a surge that leads to ovulation but your surge could be very quick, or it might be that you ovulate following a lower surge or not at all. I've been pregnant on cycles with no positive OPK but it is also normal not to ovulate on occasional cycles.

If you do want to know you ovulated you could try charting your temperature in future cycles.

Assuming your OPK would have turned positive later on the day you had the strongest test, then if you ovulated it probably would have been within 36 hours, so you can count DPO from then.

You might want to try testing in the early afternoon (after holding your urine for a few hours) if you are currently testing in the morning. LH builds up in the early hours of the day and for some women that means getting a positive a bit later in the day.

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