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What's going on?! I need advice.

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LettyB Fri 19-Jun-20 16:11:24

Hi everyone I'm new here but really looking for some advice. So my youngest is 8 months and since she was about 4 months old my husband I have not being using any form of protection. I was breastfeeding until about 6 or so weeks ago. We talked about it and decided that if we fell pregnant again it would be a blessing. To give a bit of a brief background I have never had regular periods due mainly to having a prolactinoma on my pituitary glad and PCOS. However, we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

I have not had a period since before my youngest was born. A couple of weeks ago I started to feel unbelievably tired and sickly and started to wonder if I was pregnant. I took a test and it was positive. Albeit, very faint. It was a sainsburys test and I am aware they aren't, apparently, the most reliable. I also did a one step test and that too had a very faint line. Because of my history I have a bit of an obsession with POA so did a test every day and gradually the lines disappeared. I presumed it was a chemical pregnancy but I have had no bleeding whatsoever. This was over a week ago. I'm still just as tired and sickly but now have started to have uncomfortable cramping and I have quite a heavy feeling when laying down. I've also started to experience intermittent pains in the lower right side.

I haven't rang a doctor as I have anxiety and I get really worked up worrying that I'm overreacting. Has anyone got any advice? Do I need to just ignore everything and just move on? Has anyone got any similar experiences? I guess part of me is slightly concerned about an ectopic pregnancy?

I have a picture of my positive test but not sure how to upload.

Any advice/stories welcome!!
If you've got this far thank you for ready my ramblings!!


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