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Convince myself I'm pregnant every month, anyone else?

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LS2020 Wed 24-Jun-20 20:36:17

@OliviaGrace1x sorry lost this thread! How are you getting on? AF was due for me today but no sign yet 🤞🏻

OliviaGrace1x Fri 19-Jun-20 09:06:11

@LS2020 It's so stressful isn't it! Lol. Well I'm due on in 3/4 days and my boobs are hurting a tiny bit now ( they're like a week late in being tender but yeah quite upsetting!!! ) I'm the other hand yesterday I notice my cervix is SO high up. It isn't soft like they say if you're pregnant though but it is mega out of reach , not sure if I'm reading into it too much or not!😢x

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LS2020 Thu 18-Jun-20 15:36:04

@OliviaGrace1x I feel you so much, been actively TTC for about 6 months now. Think I’ve googled every symptom in the TWW in this time. I’m similar that like clockwork 7 day’s before AF my boobs are so sore from progrestrone rise, last month absolutely nothing and I was so excited but bfn 😔 I’m a week out again from AF and they sore now but not in the same way so not sure what’s going on. I started taking coq10 2 months ago and not sure that’s done something to my cycle?

I’m 27 and healthy and just expected it to happen. I had a dream last night I got a BFP but I’m so sad and stressed from the time trying I haven’t been brave enough to test yet but it’s so hurtful because I don’t really feel PG otherwise so know I’m just set up for disappointment after the dream!

Like the PP, I hope it’s a good sign for you!

ivfgottostaypositive Thu 18-Jun-20 15:17:03

The sore boobs is down to high progesterone levels - last month I had exactly the same thing - so sore I could hardly wear a bra. I definitely wasn't pregnant as I don't have any tubes. Fast forward to this month I've just got a BFP via IVF and boobs aren't sore AT ALL! Even though I know my progesterone levels are really high as I got them tested. It's just depends on how your body reacts to the changing hormones each month x

OliviaGrace1x Thu 18-Jun-20 14:56:36

Trying to conceive for 4 months now. Because of a lost child a few years ago (unplanned) I get so terrified to test and just convince myself I’m pregnant every month! We haven’t actively been trying except for the last 4 months and neither of us have any fertility problems we’ve just never tried before.

I get terrified but also excited at the fact I might be pregnant each month. I convince myself that “this time I’m definitely pregnant!” Anyway my periods are the same every month, sometimes give or take two days but they’re very easily tracked and not irregular really. Anyway, every month my boobs get SO BADLY TENDER! Around 10-14 days before my period is due. So tender they’re awful to lie on or touch they just look and feel like they’re about to explode the pain is so bad. Which is normal for me as it’s just always happened. Anyway I’m due on in 4/5 days and my boobs are bigger and heavier but not painful at all? Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this before? I’m making myself crazy thinking every change in my cycle indicates pregnancy!

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