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First time TTC - second cycle

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Sarah1253 Wed 17-Jun-20 22:01:16

I was wondering if anyone else is in the same position as me?
I’m 29, it’s my first time ttc and we started trying last month. I quickly become obsessed with symptom spotting and testing like a maniac but other than taking folic acid and using the clue app to track fertile window and ovulation we didn’t do anything extra.
It’s now my second month ttc and I want to give it a better shot this month! Today is my first day in my fertile window, I’ve got pre-seed lube, I’ve cut coffee down to 1-2 cups a day, I’m making a conscious effort to eat healthily and I’ve ordered vitamin d for me and wellman for Hubby.

I would love to speak to anyone else at the same point as me, or hear any tips and tricks for getting that beautiful BFP!!

Sarah x

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Laurenemma13 Thu 18-Jun-20 06:49:54


We'll be starting to TTC this month.
I've been taking folic acid already (I'm epileptic so.on 5mg) and have been off my contraception for a while also.

I had an appointment with my GP about family planning a few months ago and they gave me some helpful guidance which were going to try.
They said to DTD every 2nd day right through the cycle to give the best chance. Not to do it every single day as sperm can stay inside you for a while and doing it every 2nd day will give it a better chance.
I asked about ovulation and tracking but as everyone is different they said that was the best advice.
They also said, though easier said than done, to try not too worry too much about it and enjoy it. The brain has hormones in it so that if it becomes majorly over stressed it can actually stop you falling pregnant as itll stop the body from coming under more stress.
They've said the best thing we can do is 'get at it all the time'. My husband was thrilled with the advice lol!
We had a bit of a scare this month when I was about 3 days late so I know that I'll be the same though, hoping for a bfp when we start!

Hope this helps and good luck 😊 xx

MintGreenLife Thu 18-Jun-20 09:44:20

Morning @Sarah1253 smile

This is my second cycle too, TTC our first. How are you finding it so far?

I had a nightmare of a first cycle as it was just all over the place! I came off the pill in April and it very much seems my body hasn't quite adjusted properly yet. I was using OPKs and temping in cycle 1, and in total I got three LH surges spaced 13 days apart, but didn't manage to ovulate until the third and final one when my temp went up. Much to my horror I got AF four days later, so that meant I had a 3 day luteal phase!! Luckily both of the books I've read about TTC said its common to have a short luteal phase in the two cycles after the pill, but I didn't expect it to be that short eek. Hoping cycle 3 will be better, and I'm adding in Pregnacare and some other supplements that are recommended when you come off the pill to help balance hormones smile

We tried preseed last cycle too. I've cut out coffee and having 1 green tea a day instead and have completely ditched alcohol and sugar - this is more to help my hormones along though xx

Sarah1253 Thu 18-Jun-20 16:31:22

Hi @Laurenemma13 thank you so much for sharing your doctors advice. I think we will plan to dtd every other day also, my hubby is thrilled about this too 😂
I’ve been off the pill for 2-3 years and previously used condoms or the withdrawal method 😅
I’m feeling relaxed about it all and super excited at the thought of getting a bfp. However I know I will be serious symptom spotting in the tww!
I’m on day 9 of my cycle and due to ovulate in 4 days (that’s just based on my app though so not sure how accurate it is). AF will be due 6th July.
Where are you up to in your cycle? Would be great to check in with you and see how you are doing.

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Sarah1253 Thu 18-Jun-20 16:37:45

Hi @MintGreenLife thanks so much for responding! I’m finding it exciting, I was mega obsessed with reading everything, testing and symptom spotting last cycle, hoping to be more chilled this cycle and dtd every other day.
We used pre seed for the first time today and will continue to use it, see how it goes! Also started vitamin d (in addition to folic acid) and hubby started wellman vitamins today.
I’m suprised at how disappointed and upset I was last cycle when af arrived. I had a very faint positive 12 dpo and seriously felt every symptom - I really got my hopes up so I just need to carry on being chilled about it.
I’m sure your extra supplements will help with your luteal phase. Fingers crossed for you!!! Hats off to you cutting out coffee completely, I cannot function without 😅
I’m on cycle day 9 and ovulate in 4 days, where are you up to?

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Laurenemma13 Thu 18-Jun-20 18:08:31

@Sarah1253 were the same, been off all other methods for a while now so hoping things will go okay!
Would be fab to keep in touch!
I know I'll be the exact same. I couldnt helonit when i had cramps and a bit of spotting for a few days before which was abit unusual 🙈
I've got AF visiting just now so hoping to start trying next week. Was 4 days late so confirmed even more that we wanted to try when it came back with a negative xx

MintGreenLife Thu 18-Jun-20 18:41:06

@Sarah1253 about 30 days into my cycle I convinced myself I was pregnant and did a test, felt really sad when I saw it was a BFN, but then seems I didn't ovulate until CD33 anyway, and then was happy when AF arrived on CD38 as means a new cycle - I could tell things weren't looking good as got the dreaded nipple pain the day after ovulation, so kind of just wanted to finish that cycle up and hope that the next one would be better. I actually cut out coffee in January and switched to two cups of tea a day, and am now down to one green tea in the morning, feel better for it to be honest. I used to have two cups of coffee every day without fail.

On CD2 for me, so still got AF for a few more days. Are you going to be using OPKS or tempting this cycle? x

Sdoo4 Thu 18-Jun-20 20:48:59

Hi ladies!!

I’m 31 and my OH is 26, we decided to start ‘trying’ back in January, but by trying it was just unprotected sex, no planning anything so looking back at my clue app we never DTD at the right times anyway. I also didn’t want to try the last two months with the covid situation etc but ready to go again so I’m counting this as month 1.

I’m on CD9 so DTD last night then again tomorrow and every 2nd day from now on hopefully!! I have ordered pre-seed to try that and will start using OPKs from tomorrow. My usual cycle is about 30-33 days so usually ovulate around day 20 but last month I woke up and my boobs had the weird feeling I get with ovulation, I never bothered to test because I thought it was far too early so when I did test I never got any positives so definitely think I ovulated around day 17 last month so I’m going to test from CD10 just incase it’s early again!

Sarah1253 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:59:00

@Laurenemma13 I hope af leaves soon for you, best of luck for you for this cycle!
It’s so horrible seeing that bfn isn’t it, especially when you get it in your head it’s going to be bfp!
I’m due to ovulate tomorrow (based on app) and seen a little ewcm, we’ve dtd every other day, and plan to until a few days after my fertile window ends just incase I ovulate later!

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Sarah1253 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:04:12

@MintGreenLife hope af is on her way out soon for you, best of luck for this cycle. Let’s hope we don’t get too caught up symptom spotting and testing. I’m hoping to hold off testing until the day af is due as I started testing a few days earlier last month. I’ve not been using opks or temping but I might do next month if we aren’t successful this month. I think I would find it a bit overwhelming and confusing, how did you find it?

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Sarah1253 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:07:08

Hey @Sdoo4 hope your every other day of dtd is going to plan!? How you finding the opks and pre-seed? I’m hoping the pre-seed does the trick for us this cycle! smile

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Sdoo4 Sun 21-Jun-20 23:26:32

@Sarah1253 we used the pre-seed last night, so far so good! I’ve been using OPKs for the past few days but they have all been really low so don’t think I’m even in the fertile week yet. The Fermometer app had my fertile week starting from Friday so ovulating on Weds but my clue app has the fertile week starting from Wednesday so we’ll see if that’s right. Just keep DTD every other day and hope for the best!!

Laurenemma13 Mon 22-Jun-20 15:37:34

@Sarah1253 oh good luck! All good signs there!
My last day of AF and just had an appointment with gynaecologist this morning after some issues with irregular bleeding who has told me in no uncertain to get at it 😂
It is horrible when you're sure you're going to get that BFP.
I'm already obsessing so much, budgeting, looking at baby stuff and names and everything!

Collie94 Mon 22-Jun-20 15:58:09

I'm in the same boat! Ive been reading the impatients woman's guide to getting pregnant. It's informative with a light hearted/funny approach to TTC. Calmed me down a bit as I was starting to get a bit obsessive thinking about my fertility ect. smile

Kay00 Mon 22-Jun-20 16:17:17

I'm on my first cycle (since coming off the pill) and my body still has no idea what its doing, haha! My temperature dipped nicely at 11 and 12 days then shot up again on days 13 and 14. But I had no EWCM and my OPKs were all (very) negative. I'm on cycle day 16 now and my temperature has dropped so I assume I have not ovulated this month. Hopefully next month will be more successful...!?

LuckyFlash Mon 22-Jun-20 16:57:25

Hi everyone, hope it’s ok to join? DH and I have been TTC #1 for 3 months but this is the first ‘proper’ month. DH has some issues with finishing due to medication which was really stressing us out so this month we tried a mixture of DTD and using a syringe which took the pressure off (and was pretty funny).
I’m now 3dpo and excited to be in my first tww that could actually lead to something. Symptom spotting like mad even though I know it’s impossible to have symptoms so early!

LuckyFlash Mon 22-Jun-20 16:59:44

@Kay00 keep temping to see what happens - depending on your cycle length you may still ovulate. I don’t ovulate until day 21 usually (33 Ish day cycle). It’s also possible day 13 was your day and you just got a random low temp today - your body reacts to all kinds of things

Kay00 Mon 22-Jun-20 17:05:13

@luckyflash thank you. I am going to keep temping and testing with OPKs, but i'm not getting my hopes too high in my first month post pill. Good luck to you and your husband in your TWW!!

leftitlate37 Mon 22-Jun-20 21:34:28

hellooo ladies! Hope it's ok to jump in on this? saw the title and was like, oh this is me! TTC first, am 37 so figuring this could take a while...
started last month but wasnt really paying attention to anything and think we had missed boat by time started DTD! Just started using OPKs yesterday so shall see how that goes. Nice to hear what you lot are all doing/trying! think i'll keep it simple for now and see how it goes...only so much can take!

Nazz10 Tue 23-Jun-20 08:03:41

Hi ladies,
I'm also TTC #1 and on cycle 2 after stopping the pill. My first cycle was 27 days. We didn't really have a plan with DTD but we do now. Will be DTD every other day and maybe every day when I get a positive OPK.
Didn't get any positive OPKs last cycle (in fact I didn't even get a line whatsoever). Got a slight line 2 days ago and the lines just aren't getting darker at all. If anything they are getting lighter.
Not doing BBT as I think it will just stress me out too much and then I'll start to get overly obsessive.

Nazz10 Tue 23-Jun-20 08:05:45

We have also got pre seed to use this month as I didn't have any EWCM last cycle either. So just got it to cover all grounds (or shall I say most grounds).
Has anyone else used this? Do you use it even if you don't have a positive OPK yet?

LuckyFlash Tue 23-Jun-20 08:52:17

@Nazz10 I’m the same I get some watery CM but rarely EWCM and if I do there’s hardly any so I started using Preseed this cycle. I used it every time I thought we were in the FW. If you’re really planning DTD and not being spontaneous then it works well because you can use the applicator before but it’s the least sexy thing if you’re trying to be spontaneous 😂 DH was really put off by the name haha

Laurenemma13 Tue 23-Jun-20 09:35:12

We've had a bit of a setback. I had been on furlough and was due to go back next week. Just had a call last night saying they cant bring me back until at least the start of August so having to postpone trying.
So upset and been on tears last night and this morning even though I know it doesnt make sense to take the risk until date of returning to work has been confirmed 😥

leftitlate37 Tue 23-Jun-20 22:17:29

oh nooo @Laurenemma13 really sorry to hear that. really late notice to find out. it'really hard to know what to do like whether to wait or what. totally get that it makes sense to not risk it until you've got a return to work date.are there things u can do in the meantime to feel like you are doing what u can apart from with caffeine/alcohol/exercise/diet/vitamins/tracking ov etc? thinking of u x

LeopardLover Tue 23-Jun-20 22:48:40

Hi everyone! I'm also in my second cycle and TTC #1 😊 I'm 34 and haven't been on the pill for years. I've been taking folic acid since the beginning of the year, and started vitamin D this month.

Last month during cycle 1 I started BBT and using Conceive Plus... But everything was so new to me! I'm embarrassed to say I'd never even looked at my CM before then. I only drink decaff tea and I've cut back on my exercise as I'm worried I was overdoing it.

This month I'm using CB Digital OPKs - I'm CD7 so used my first one this morning which was kind of exciting! Would love to conceive before Xmas. 😊

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