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period pain after positive test

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Argenta13 Tue 16-Jun-20 14:29:07

Hello! Hoping someone can help. I had a few positive tests last week with first response but now I have really strong intermittent period cramps as if i'm about to come on. They're pretty full on so I imagine not what you normally experience in early pregnancy. Clearblue gave me a negative this morning. Is it possible I was never pregnant? Or has anyone experienced similar?

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blvdbrokendreams Tue 16-Jun-20 14:30:38

I had the worst period cramps for the first four weeks of me knowing I was pregnant. They felt so bad I felt like I was going to go the toilet and see blood. Everything is stretching is what my doc told me

Also I never got a positive on a clear blue.

Argenta13 Tue 16-Jun-20 14:33:35

@blvdbrokendreams oh wow that's so helpful!! good to know, thank you

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TJ17 Tue 16-Jun-20 14:36:06

I think if you got a positive test then it's unlikely you were never pregnant (false positives don't tend to really occur)
If the cramps continue and your period does then appear it could unfortunately be a "chemical pregnancy" which is where the egg was fertilised but never implanted. I had this twice before I had my first and even though it was so early it was still devastating.

If the pain is really intense it's best to get it checked out with your GP as it could signify an ectopic pregnancy.

That's not to say however that what you're experiencing is going to be any of these things! As long as you aren't bleeding then it could well just be normal pregnancy cramps! I have everything crossed for you providing a pregnancy is want you are hoping for smile❤️

Argenta13 Tue 16-Jun-20 14:39:58

@Tj17 Thats so kind, thank you! I have never been pregnant so no idea if strong period cramps are normal! everything ive read said they shouldn't be, they're normally lighter than period pains etc. Interesting about chemical pregnancy too though, that would make sense! ive been feeling super nauseous so we'll see x

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Katievb Tue 16-Jun-20 14:44:22

Hey! Congrats! I had the worst period type cramps in the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy. One time I remember it was so bad I actually called my GP for advice and they told me it was normal and wouldn’t be worried if you don’t have any bleeding. Good luck ☺️ Xx

Argenta13 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:18:23

@katievb thank you so so much! I normally get pains in my legs with periods too and they're here again now although still no bleed. did you have other cramps and pains (not just abdomen)?

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leaferty Tue 16-Jun-20 16:22:05

I had terrible cramps the first few weeks of my first pregnancy. I was permanently petrified that I was about to get my period / miscarry, but all was fine and resulted in a perfect healthy baby :-)

niki26 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:25:03

I actually came on here write about the aches at the tops of legs! Yes I had that - I'm 27 weeks now and still occasionally get it!

Rumples Tue 16-Jun-20 16:30:51

It does sound like a chemical tbh.

I had the same thing last week. Strong positive first response but then a few days later clear blue was negative and I was having strong cramps. AF arrived the next day.

Fingers crossed it doesn't end the same for you thanks

Argenta13 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:33:10

Thank you! your all so helpful and kind. Unfortunately I think a chemical is very possible as I has such strong pregnancy symptoms when I got the positives (boobs on fire, serious smell aversions) and they've really subsided now.

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TJ17 Tue 16-Jun-20 23:32:54

@Argenta13 oh I really hope that's not the case for you but just to share a positive, as I said above I had 2 chemical pregnancies before I was pregnant with DS (now coming up to 3)
I had a chemical pregnancy in November (I felt "pregnant" and had a positive test then lost symptoms and began bleeding, light spotting at first before becoming like a normal period and then a negative test)

Then had a normal period in December, chemical pregnancy again in January (again - positive test but then bleeding and negative again) and a positive test again in February which I really wasn't expecting having only just had a positive and then a loss the previous cycle! This was my DS who stuck and is now nearly 3 smile
So even if it is one, it shouldn't stop your ability to get pregnant again soon so don't lose hope (I definitely did after the 2nd CP)

I am now currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second who is a little girl, no chemicals this time but 6 months of trying before we got a positive.

So please hang on in there if it does turn out to be this as I know at the time I felt like I'd never have my little family but the time has flown by since those days and here I am now with 1 and a half babies lol

There isn't a great deal of support for chemical pregnancies I found, I felt at the time silly for being upset as it was so early (I was told on more than one occasion it was "just an egg") but do allow yourself to grieve as it's still the loss of a dream and when TTC every week and month can feel sooo long!

Do keep us posted, would be wonderful if it all turned out to be fine smile❤️

Rumples Wed 17-Jun-20 07:34:02


After just having a CP just over a week ago, I found a lot of comfort in your post so thankyou for that smile.

You're right where it is still upsetting even though it's happened really early on. I've tried hard to not dwell on it but it's still tough.

Good luck OP! Let us know how you get on.

Isthisfinallyit Wed 17-Jun-20 07:47:08

I'm 15 weeks and still get them occasionally. It was really bad in the beginning, definately worse than normal (but now they're much lighter). I wouldn't rule out one or the other tbh. Pregnancy is a worrying time, I hope you'll be okay.

TJ17 Wed 17-Jun-20 08:44:02

Oh sorry to hear that @Rumples.
It really is devastating at the time because the elation at finally having a positive test makes it then equally devastating when it happens. It's actually really cruel to be given that false hope isn't it!
Not sure if you were on the pill before trying but I did wonder with me whether it was because I'd not long been off the pill and the lining of my womb was still thin from this. It's almost like my body just needed time to get back to "normal" after being on the pill for many years.

Don't blame yourself though, I know I did! Wondering if it was something I did or didn't do 🤦🏼‍♀️

Good luck in the rest of your journey and hang on in there because it will happen smile the fact you had a fertilised egg in the first place is already a step in the right direction and a positive sign! ❤️

TJ17 Thu 25-Jun-20 18:27:14

@Argenta13 just checking in to see if you are ok?

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