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Line eyes needed!

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misssparkle157 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:06:57

Hi all I'm unsure if I can see a faint line or not
Can anyone else see a second line?

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ivfgottostaypositive Mon 15-Jun-20 08:09:47

I'm going to say negative. Only because I've been staring at my own first responders are tests for the last few days (and years) and know a positive when I see one

Have you tried shining the torch from your phone through the back - if there is "something" there it will be easier to see that way

MsChatterbox Mon 15-Jun-20 08:45:39

I can see what you can see as a line. However I have had these lines with frers before and it be nothing. I don't like frers anymore! Try a clear and simple test. They're cheap and very sensitive! And I've never had any hint of a line when I wasn't pregnant.

Irishgene Mon 15-Jun-20 09:06:56

I'd say negative, I was stung by FRER and lines exactly like this. Notorious for evap lines. Unless it's very obviously pink don't trust it. How many DPO are you? X

SunnySideUp2020 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:09:19

Would also say negative ... sorry op x

emiliet123 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:12:48

Argh I hate FRERs for this - their lines are so skinny anyway it’s so hard to tell!

I’m not sure if it’s a line or an evap, sorry! Best to get a different test and try tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you! X

misssparkle157 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:00:45

Thankyou for your responses, I just took a cheapie and I'm still unsure (pics attached)
I'll wait a couple days before testing again!

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PinkSkyBlue Mon 15-Jun-20 11:02:55

I can see a faint line in the second photo x

Alittleshortforaspacepooper Mon 15-Jun-20 11:05:30

The first one I'm not sure, the second one definitely has a second line. Congrats OP!

SunnySideUp2020 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:45:05

I can see a shadow on the one that's not inverted or whatever you call that 😅
But hard to tell if it's a line or evap..

Irishgene Mon 15-Jun-20 12:18:30

I think I can see faint line on your cheapie test. Keep us updated xx

misssparkle157 Wed 17-Jun-20 15:02:40

Today's test...

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Irishgene Wed 17-Jun-20 15:23:55

I can see something but maybe a bit of flooding too??

Irishgene Wed 17-Jun-20 15:24:13

Has the flooding dried up now?

Nottherealslimshady Wed 17-Jun-20 15:33:42

I think I can see something. How many days after ovulation are you?

misssparkle157 Wed 17-Jun-20 15:54:42

This is the test now
@Nottherealslimshady I'm not sure as my cycles have been irregular x

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jazzibelle Wed 17-Jun-20 17:25:28

Sorry OP, they all look negative to me. You could be testing too early, especially if you're unsure how many DPO you are (I'm exactly the same this month, I tracked using EWCM which was a disaster -- but that's a different conversation).

Do you have another FRER? Try and hold out until Monday and test again with your FMU then. If you're PG then you should see a much more definite line by then. Holding out another 5 days is torture, I know flowers

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