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Is this positive ?

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mia22221 Sun 14-Jun-20 20:19:48

Hi all !!

I'm due to start TOTM(time of the month) in 2/3 days

We have been actively trying and I just thought I'd take a test as I'm curious

Does this look positive? I'm not getting my hopes up yet as I'm due to start in 2/3days

Thank you xx

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Lucky08 Sun 14-Jun-20 20:28:57

Most certainly positive. Congratulations.

namesnamesnamesnames Sun 14-Jun-20 20:29:37

It's a line! smile

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Sun 14-Jun-20 20:30:07

Definitely positive!!

PinkSkyBlue Sun 14-Jun-20 20:38:16

100% positive!
Congrats flowers

mia22221 Sun 14-Jun-20 22:07:10

Just took another to be sure , do these definitely look positive to you ladies. ?!
I can't believe this!

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Centaurpede Sun 14-Jun-20 22:08:37

Definitely positive if it came up in the designating time frame. Congratulations!

Cheesecakejar Sun 14-Jun-20 22:08:37

Yes they are very positive in my opinion! 😊 Congratulations flowers

Literaryseed Sun 14-Jun-20 22:13:57


thejoysofboys Sun 14-Jun-20 22:15:01

Yes, definitely positive! Congratulations!

CrowCat Sun 14-Jun-20 22:50:58

Definitely! Congratulations 🥳

borntohula Mon 15-Jun-20 00:25:32

Can see that second line a mile off, congratulations!

mia22221 Mon 15-Jun-20 00:45:17

Thank you so much lovelies!
I can't believe this!

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mansah2 Mon 15-Jun-20 00:53:40

Op how many days post ovulation are you ?

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