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Ive ovulated... havent i?

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Bearsmum15 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:00:31


About to start fertility treatment, i would say im pretty regular (42 day cycles, not your average 28 as i have PCOS).
Anyway, i can always tell when im ovulating, i get ovary ache and twinges plus i get EWCM. Then normally in between ovulation and my period, my boobs get really sore.
Anyway, im not due to ovulate until next wkend but i noticed i was getting the twinges and EWCM, admittedly the EWCM wasnt half as much as i normally get.
I decided to get a clearblue digital (the advanced one) did a test... negative (blank circle). As i removed the test from the applicator, i could see the line was just as dark as the control line.
Ive been testing since, and still negatives and the line is getting fainter and fainter. And today, my boobs are sore... again not half as much as they normally do, but with the amount of EWCM i lacked, im guessing its hormonal.

So, ive attached the 2 tests, the strongest and the faintest but im guessing its happened hasnt it?

I actually dont want to ovulate now as it means my cycle is at risk of being cancelled due to a trip in August confused

Could you look and tell me what you think?

Thanks :-)

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Bearsmum15 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:50:14



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