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Multiple LH Surges in 1 Cycle Post Pill

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MintGreenLife Sat 13-Jun-20 19:37:41

Hi all,

I have spoken to a few women that have had long cycles following stopping the pill, as well as women that haven't ovulated for a few months post pill. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with multiple LH surges after stopping the pill?

I'm on CD34 and I've had three surges so far. My first was on CD20, second on CD24 and third on CD33. The first two surges were almost a positive, and the third was definitely a positive as darker than the control. Since the first I've been feeling pretty awful, especially in the last week with cramps, low back ache and tired. I assumed AF was coming, but from inputting my OPKs into my Premom app it's put me back at the start of my luteal phase and selected the latest surge as my peak.

My cycle last month was 30 days and I wasn't using OPKs. This is my second cycle off the pill.

I am charting my BBT also, and can confirm my temp didn't rise after the first two surges. Hoping it will do tomorrow as app has pinpointed ovulation for today.

Has something similar happened to anyone else? Xx

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MintGreenLife Sun 14-Jun-20 09:07:02

Update: my temp went up to the highest since I started charting a few weeks ago this morn, so hopefully that would indicate I finally ovulated. Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated x

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