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katieReid97 Fri 12-Jun-20 22:13:43


Pretty new to this, but me and my partner have been trying on and off for about 2 years to get pregnant, we have been to the drs but things jsut got in the way of getting back to them and then not the virus!!

But we are both over weight trying too loose it my weight isn't coming off so help with that would be great!
Also what stuff to take I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall I don't know what to do I dread getting my period every month because I want to be pregnant!!
Please help a gal out x

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faithfulbird Sat 13-Jun-20 02:56:01

Try drinking more water and do little exercises and build it up gradually.

If your trying to conceive take folic acid and get your partner to take it develops healthy sperm for men...

I know some overweight people who have conceived so it's not impossible.

Get an app and track your cycle. Have sex every other day after you're period. Especially during ovulation. Sometimes it just happens.

emiliet123 Sat 13-Jun-20 19:31:09

If you’re wanting to lose a little weight, try tracking or logging your food on my fitness pal. It’s free! There’s another app I use, FitOn which has loads of workouts - all free!

SpunBodgeSquarepants Sat 13-Jun-20 19:44:55

Hello! I have a bmi of 44 and am newly pregnant, 4+5 today.
Have been trying for 5 years and 4 months - and sad to say it probably was my weight stopping me falling pregnant in all that time. I have extremely poor will power to diet! But getting pregnant has given me a kick up the arse to eat healthily now. I've got rid of all my junk food and bought loads of fruit and veg, and I'm using myfitnesspal to keep my calories at around 1800 a day. Good luck!

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