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10DPO & after some much needed advise.....

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Mamajns Mon 08-Jun-20 12:13:13

Hi everyone, I was just after a bit of advise or opinions. We are TTC & have been for a year, I'm currently 10DPO & have tracked my ovulation down to a t.
Since around 6DPO I've had mild cramps in my back like a dull ache, terrible mood swings & extremely sore nipples/boobs aching.
Today I've felt rough, really sore nipples, extremely tired & slight cramp feeling in lower back, dry mouth, plus I also fainted which was extremely scary. I've done a test but it came up as negative, I know some ladies are lucky enough to get a BFP at 10DPO but not me, I was wondering has anyone else experienced anything like these symptoms & then got a BFP? I feel scared, I've never felt like this before & I've asked two of my friends & they said they didn't feel like thay either.
Any help or input is much appreciated at this point ❤

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Mamajns Mon 08-Jun-20 16:36:05

Hi, so I have done a Tesco test & it looks like it has a faint line. Is it just me? As I mentioned above, I'm 10DPO so would it be this faint?
I've felt exhausted & spent most of today sleeping, genuinely could not keep my eyes open!
Any help is greatly appreciated ❤

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LittleBrownBaby Sat 13-Jun-20 23:55:00

I think I can see something. Did you test again?

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