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Can you struggle to get pregnancy with a short cycle?

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peony45 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:32:59

Hi, not sure if this is a silly post really. I had a miscarriage last year and since then my cycle length seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Now only 26days long each month. Is this normal? I always used to have quite a long cycle before the mc with AF only lasting 5 days. Now it's a lot shorter and AF is lasting 7/8 days with A LOT of pain, to the point I question each month whether I might have endometriosis. Then I kind of forget about it until the next AF shows. I guess I'm basically wondering if it's more difficult to conceive if your cycle is shorter? I think since my miscarriage I always wonder what might of been wrong, and if i maybe just can't carry to term. I think I probably sound so silly to think this but since it all happened you can't help but question it all. Has anyone else experienced shorter cycles since a mc, and is 26 days even short!?

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peony45 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:36:30

Sorry... my title should of said pregnant not pregnancy.

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MintGreenLife Sun 07-Jun-20 10:40:35

Do you know how long your luteal phase is? If it's shorter than 10 days that could make it trickier, although I've spoken to someone who conceived twice with a 7 day luteal phase with no issues ☺️ @peony45

peony45 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:50:48

Thanks for the reply @MintGreenLife! I think my luteal phase is 15 days. Is that good or bad? That's also if I definitely ovulate when my app says.

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NannyPear Sun 07-Jun-20 10:57:44

You need to use opks or temps to know how long your luteal phase, the app standardises the length for everyone unless you are logging opks/temps. As PP said, the length of your cycle isn't the important bit, but 26 days is a perfectly normal cycle length.

MintGreenLife Sun 07-Jun-20 11:12:36

@peony45 I think 14 days is the norm, as long as it's not short then shouldn't matter ☺️ If you've been tracking when you ovulate (using BBT or OPKs) you should be able to work out on average how long your luteal phase is by looking at the number of days between ovulation and when AF arrives x

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