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Any crohns sufferers with male factor?

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Mctm123 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:14:00

I posted this in infertility in April and since then suspect we’ve had a chemical last week. Not sure if anyone on here has an thoughts/similar experiences....

Hi everyone. I don’t know if anyone can help on this but something has come up tonight that has got me and my partner thinking. We’ve suffered with secondary infertility now for over 4 years. Just had our third miscarriage following ivf. We are going back to trying naturally again as we have had our little boy this way previously so it can happen but we have male factor so will take us longer if at all. Anyway, when our little boy was 1 my partner was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I have always wondered if this could be causing the sperm issues but when I’ve asked the hospital they have told me no. When he first got it, the medication was working but they changed it round due to his blood test levels impacting his liver. So now he is on azathrophine and allopurinol. I’ve been researching this evening and it actually turns out allopurinol can impact male fertility! Has anyone else been in this position before? We have emailed the clinic but had a response saying no one can reply at the moment due to Coronavirus. We’re going to phone the crohns and colitis UK helpline tomorrow to ask for advice but just wondered if anyone here has been in a similar position. He needs to take this medication to live a normal, healthy life but to think this could be the reason we haven’t conceived in 4 years and spent thousands of pounds on IVF when potentially this medication could have caused it is crazy but I would also be relieved if we’ve found a cause, if that makes sense. What worries me is there doesn’t seem to be many (none that I can see) alternative drugs to this one as he has to take them combined for the optimum results.

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