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Best Internet cheapies?

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Workingmama1 Fri 05-Jun-20 13:56:17

So after a rough few months of pregnancy which ended in missed miscarriage, waiting and testing for a negative for 4 weeks, TTC in the first cycle and getting faint positives then AF, so I'm pretty sure I'm now having a CP, I've now used up my stash of HPT and spent a small fortune.

Looking to get some IC to get my negative from this CP and then for the next cycle, was going to get the one step ones from amazon but then saw reviews about false positives which I don't think I could cope with.

So, what ICs are you all using and any to avoid?

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ApplePie86 Fri 05-Jun-20 14:09:58

I use these

They are probably all the same but just branded differently. People might say they get false positives as they are really sensitive so pick up HCG quicker than supermarket tests - apparently chemicals are most common than you'd think but most people never know they're having them so these tests could pick up the pregnancy super early but it just doesn't progress.

Elouera Fri 05-Jun-20 14:16:50

For years I recommended 'one step' cheapies online, which look remarkably similar to the ones posted by ApplePie. They too are supposed to check hCG down to 10iu/ml, the same as FRER.

BUT- I now wont be buying them again. I had IVF, so knew my dates, but they were incredibly faint. I know its about urine concentration, but I even used one at 7 weeks after a viability scan, and there was a line, but hardly a quick or dark positive! I also had 2 negatives after a week of positives! I've since read that there was an entire dud batch expiring in Oct this year, which didn't work at all!

Someone else recommended ones from B&M, called something like 'home tests'.

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