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Optimistic thinking - how will you tell DP/DH about BFP?

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Calmondeck Thu 04-Jun-20 13:29:33

Hello everyone,

This is definitely me just being optimistic. I have the slightest breast pain and hoping for a BFP on 12 June. My only dilemma is, my DP is away for (essential) work and we won’t see each other until the first week of July.

How does everyone TTC plan to tell their DP/DH about a BFP? Do you do it instantly? Do you plan anything elaborate? Would love to hear your plans/stories

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Juno231 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:36:30

Depends! In March I was planning on telling him on his birthday but that never happened lol. This cycle AF is due on the 15th so was thinking I could tell him on Father's day? I have a baby grow stashed away saying Baby "Surname" on it so would probably stuff that in a pretty box along with a CB digi (so that it says pregnant and OH gets it lol) and maybe a card in there as well? The tricky thing is that most of the stuff I'd think of would require ordering it online (e.g. a pretty card with due date on etc).

Thing is my OH isn't the sentimental kind so whatever I do it will just be met with a smile and not much more!

Nat4392 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:50:28

I’d just tell DH immediately as I find out. I want to share those fresh emotions together when it finally does happen.

Kay00 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:58:30

I tentitively asked my DH whether he would want me to tell him as soon as I found out (or before if I was anxious and testing) and he said he did. But i am tempted to save it for a special moment. I suppose i'll have to see if/when it happens smile

Calmondeck Fri 05-Jun-20 05:31:41

Hoping it all happens for everyone soon. I’m a bit the same @Nat4392, I can’t imagine not sharing it instantly and doubt my ability not to blurt it out in excitement. I know it’s frivolous, either immediately or with a surprise, I’m sure it matters v little to our DPS!

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walkingchuckydoll Fri 05-Jun-20 06:26:16

I had multiple miscarriages and years of fertility treatments. At our house it's more like: oh yeah, I'm pregnant again. He might react with ok but thats it. We don't get our hopes up till we've had a few scans. I think we might be a bit too practical tbh. Every pregnancy is still special so celebrate it with giving him baby socks or whatever if you like it grin

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