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Struggling to get pregnant

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FebruaryJuly Thu 04-Jun-20 07:31:09


I am starting to feel really defeated by so many negative results 😭. With my son (now 4yo) we fell pregnant in the second month of trying after one chemical the month before - this was almost 5 years ago. We are still only 24-25 and live very healthy lifestyles, don't drink, don't smoke, good BMI.

Since then, over the past 3 years, I have been for scans and testing due to a reoccurring pain, which they expect to be endometriosis. They haven't seen it on scans but from symptoms think that I very possibly is, they have also found ovarian cysts on scans which have disappeared on their own after a follow up scan (they gave me the choice of a laparoscopy but I don't feel that I am at that stage of needing that right now).

Ever since they said "endometriosis", I have worried that I will struggle to fall pregnant with our second and my worst worries seem to all be coming true 😭. Of course, I am so thankful that we do have our son, especially if I am all of a sudden infertile, but it breaks my heart seeing those negative results and wanting a second so badly.

By body keeps playing so many tricks on me. After getting a positive first month of trying this time around, I was feeling so optimistic, however it turned into another chemical. The months since have shown all negative, despite doing all's I can to take the subject off my mind and we have also had sex at least every 2 days.

I have usually tracked ovulation by feeling ovulation pain and checking cm... I am going to go a step further next cycle with my first ovulation pack.

This current month, I had one small light pink spot at 9/10dpo (I got very excited about it).
-10dpo night, we had sex, which I bled from (assumes start of period).
-11dpo I bled the same as I would do on a period.
-12dpo the bleeding was lighter.
-13dpo (today) the bleeding is almost non-existent.

This isn't usual for me as my periods are usually full flow for 5 days. Because I was only flowing for 2 days and I'm not even due on until tomorrow (14dpo), I did take a test (stupid me) which is definitely negative. I don't understand why my body is doing this to me!

This month, I have decided to buy men and woman conception vitamins from Well, ovulation sticks and also Pre-seed. I am wondering if anybody has used these before and what is the best way to use them?

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Mctm123 Thu 04-Jun-20 08:01:35

We are in a similar boat. We have a 4 nearly 5 year old little boy. Struggled since and I wanted another straight away 😢 we paid for Ivf and have a lot of debt because of it and each time it worked but in the last year I’ve had 3 miscarriages as a result. Since then I’ve had to take time off work because I started having panic attacks in work and my anxiety was through the roof. Plus everyone seems to be getting pregnant around me. I just want a baby so we can complete our family and finally move on from this feeling of limbo.

This month I thought I was finally pregnant as an internet cheapie gave me a faint line but I’m due on tomorrow and have some cramping now so I know it’s coming. After all that would just be too good to be true as usual!

We’ve recently decided to have a big health kick (we weren’t particularly unhealthy to be fair) but increasing exercise, calorie counting and were now taking loads of different vitamins. I can list them all if you want? We can’t afford to do Ivf again but my partner doesn’t want to - it’s probably just as well cos I would probably get in more debt to do it and deep down I know we can’t as we want a comfortable life for our gorgeous son.

He keeps us going an I’m so grateful for him every day but secondary infertility is the hardest ever and I’m 36 so the clock is definitely ticking (we have male factor by the way) xx

FebruaryJuly Thu 04-Jun-20 10:48:19


I'm so sorry for the time that it is taking you! Hopefully AF doesn't turn up for you this month! Good luck!

I haven't been trying for as long as you that, 5 months at the moment. I really hope it happens for you soon! I have read about secondary infertility and it does worry me, particularly after my cysts and possible endometriosis over the past few years 😞.


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