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Vasectomy Reversal

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IndieRo Wed 03-Jun-20 15:14:46

My husband and I have decided we would like another baby. DH had vasectomy 8 years ago after our youngest was born. We have three children, DD 12, DD10 AND DS 8. We had them close together but now that I'm 39 I really would like another baby. Looking back now I realise I was caught up with being pregnant and having young babies so close that I didn't really appreciate it fully. DH feels the same. He has an appointment with GP on Friday to get a referral letter to get reversal. Has anybody any experience with this or knows anybody who has had a successful reversal.

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 03-Jun-20 15:20:39

Not me but a friend of mine’s husband had a reversal. She’s due in October. It’s taken them quite a while to conceive though (a few issues on her side too).

sunshinewinetime Wed 03-Jun-20 15:24:04

Is this for a private referral letter?
Unfortunately vasectomy reversal isn't covered on the NHS (in any areas as far as I'm aware).

IndieRo Wed 03-Jun-20 15:25:16

@BeingATwatItsABingThing, can I ask how old they are? I'm 39, hubby be 41 this year. Got pregnant first time on my other children.

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IndieRo Wed 03-Jun-20 15:35:29

@sunshinewinetime, I live in Ireland. We will have to pay privately too over here.

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 03-Jun-20 15:46:22

My friend is 34 and her DH is early 40s. He has two children from a previous relationship but this is her first.

IndieRo Wed 03-Jun-20 15:48:52

@BeingATwatItsABingThing, the surgeon was optimistic that we would be successful as we already have three children together and had no problems conceiving. Just worried though, no guarantees and reversal is €5000.

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granadagirl Wed 03-Jun-20 15:51:26

My ex husband had a reversal
Had it don’t when he was 33
Had it reversed about 7 years later or more!!

He’s got a daughter aged 15 ish now 62

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 03-Jun-20 15:51:31


DH talks about the inevitability of him getting the snip at some point when we’re done with children but my fear is that I’ll never feel done. We’re due DC2 in September and I think I’d like a third (I may change my mind) and I know he would too. After that, I have no idea.

granadagirl Wed 03-Jun-20 15:52:15

Come to the uk much cheaper private

SonjaMorgan Wed 03-Jun-20 15:53:47

Fertility changes with age. I would go for a fertility check up and the full range of tests before spending the money on a reversal.

IndieRo Wed 03-Jun-20 19:09:09

@BeingATwatItsABingThing, I wouldn't rush into anything. We definately thought we were finished. I went back to work, lovely holidays, lie ins, could have a few drinks without having to get up and take care of a toddler etc, but that longing was still there. Yes we got back some independence but it didn't really matter. I'm also hoping if we do have another that older siblings be able to help a bit. @granadagirl, we were originally going to the UK, as there are only 2 surgeons who perform it in Ireland. We spoke to a consultant in Middlesborough and was got a price of 3850 euros. That was just for procedure, would need flights etc. With covid 19 it would be easier for us to stay in Ireland. @SonjaMorgan, I got everything tested before we contacted surgeon, I'm good to go grin

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granadagirl Wed 03-Jun-20 22:59:10

Try the spire hospitals or bmi hospitals
Each charge different prices in different areas
Ie. Manchester & Nottingham

RobinRose Thu 04-Jun-20 08:28:34

@IndieRo my partner had a VR last year after 11-12 years. The 3 month sample after the procedure showed it had been successful , the consultant told us it can take a few months for the sperm count etc to improve and not to expect anything before 6 months. TTC for 9 months so not a massively long time (feels like years!). There is a risk of scaring after a year which does worry me but trying to stay hopeful!

Good luck!

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 04-Jun-20 09:06:00


We wouldn’t do anything currently. It was just something we were talking about the other day. I’m 26 and he’s 28 so it’s not something that would happen for ages anyway.

I told him when we get a dog (something else that won’t happen for years), I’ll get them both neutered at the same time. grin

IndieRo Thu 04-Jun-20 10:15:59

@RobinRose, thanks so much for sharing. Nice to hear from somebody who has gone through with it. Do you mind me asking where you got the procedure done and how much was it? I've read that it can take six months for sperm to return. Myself and hubby started folic Acid, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin D supplements in the hope this will help too. I really hope you get your BFP soon, I have all my fingers crossed for you. flowers

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RobinRose Thu 04-Jun-20 10:29:51

@IndieRo we got it done at Spire Norwich and it cost £3,020 (I think), the consultation fee was included in the price (£165) and follow up care was also included. My partner had a bit of bleeding from the stitches after a couple of weeks and they saw him straight away to check things over at no extra cost (was fine!) we were very relieved after the 3 month sample that it actually worked as there’s always a chance it wont, consultant said he’d expect the results to improve over time. If nothing happens after a year we will go back for another sample. his procedure was very text book, no issues at all, we thought there may have been because there were issues when he had the initial vasectomy (infection). My partner is taking a CoQ10 multi vitamin, CoQ10 can help sperm so thought it can’t hurt to give them a little boost! Aw thank you, I hope so too! We’ve waited a long time to be in this position! Please do drop me a message if you need anything further! 😊

@BeingATwatItsABingThing your neutered omment made me laugh 😂!

IndieRo Thu 04-Jun-20 10:53:17

@RobinRose, thanks so much for all the information. Would love to keep in touch.

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RobinRose Fri 05-Jun-20 08:33:47

@IndieRo have sent you a PM!

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