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Is there a line or am I finally going crazy?!

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curlyhairdiva Wed 03-Jun-20 09:51:16

Can anyone see a very faint line or is it just me? I can see something but I was expecting it to be much darker as I am about 14/15 dpo so I really don't know ...

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Nat4392 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:02:53

Can’t see anything sorry. If you were 14/15DPO you would more than likely have a very clear positive by now

kell2126 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:07:22

I can't see anything – sorry!

curlyhairdiva Wed 03-Jun-20 10:07:30

I swear there is a very faint line but you're right, at 14/15 dpo it should be stronger. Here's another pic where it's hopefully a bit clearer

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raspberryjamlove Wed 03-Jun-20 10:13:19

I do see a line/shadow - does it have colour to it?

raspberryjamlove Wed 03-Jun-20 10:14:32

I ask because it could be an indent line. Can you try inverting the picture? X

curlyhairdiva Wed 03-Jun-20 10:19:07

@raspberryjamlove thank you, it's hard to tell if there's colour cause it's so faint but here is an inverted picture . What do you think?

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Ohnoherewego62 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:24:21

I can see it on top middle picture. But on the next one you posted, it looked like an indent?

Teacaketotty Wed 03-Jun-20 10:25:16

There’s something there for sure - I didn’t get a proper positive on those until 2-3 weeks late. Go buy a first response and it will be dark if you are pregnant. It could be an indent but I’ve never had one.

Good luck x

curlyhairdiva Wed 03-Jun-20 10:30:29

@Teacaketotty thank you, I will get a frer in a day or two and test. The more I look at it the weirder it looks, on angle it looks like an indent but on another angle I can see a thick pink line (albeit very very faint). I haven't had my usual AF symptoms either so I've just got a strange feeling...

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curlyhairdiva Wed 03-Jun-20 10:50:00

@Ohnoherewego62 you're right, in certain angles it looks like an indent

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