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Newbie9 Wed 03-Jun-20 09:42:10

Hi! Anyone joining me, 1dpo today according to temp tracking & peak result on clear blue too.
Now to wait! X

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BMWL Wed 03-Jun-20 17:51:57

Hi OP,
I have ovulated today as per my OPK. Got a slightly positive test yesterday, but today it is as dark as it can go!
DTD yesterday, today and will again tomorrow.
Fingers crossed xx

ApplePie86 Wed 03-Jun-20 17:56:28

I'll join you 😀

I'm 1/2 DPO but only going on ovulation pain as didn't get a chance to use OPKs (just stopped bleeding after chemical pregnancy).

I usually get extremely tender breasts and cramps for about a week before AF so hoping they don't appear!

Newbie9 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:46:46

Hiya both 👋

Hope we get positive results! 🤞🤞

@ApplePie86 sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy ☹️ xx

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ApplePie86 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:50:25

Thanks @Newbie9

I'm rather positive about the experience. I have PCOS so the fact I got pregnant at all was brilliant.

Onwards and upwards and hopefully we are all successful in about a weeks time 😀

claireb707 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:53:50

Im either 1dpo, 0dpo or 2 days before - depending on which app I look at :S
Got solid smiley on cbd opk monday, got positive cheapy monday, tuesday and first thing, with it getting lighter during today

my temps have gone up for 3rd day in row today but my ava app still says 2 days to go so who knows when Im ovulating

Newbie9 Wed 03-Jun-20 19:47:30

@ApplePie86 fingers crossed hun

@claireb707 I know what you mean about the apps
When I wrote this I thought I ovulated yesterday, had a slight temp rise today but also had ovulation pain earlier so who knows!

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Newbie9 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:53:25

How's everyone doing? 7dpo today and going crazy! Haha x

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ApplePie86 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:59:12

7DPO here too (as far as I can tell) although BBT chart in no way suggests ovulation.

Don't have any AF symptoms which I usually 100% have by now.

How you doing? Eager to test yet? 😛

BMWL Tue 09-Jun-20 22:04:29

I'm doing ok, felt very emotional yesterday with some slight cramping but otherwise no other symptoms. Still so long to wait until I can test 😕
How is everyone? X

Newbie9 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:05:01

My bbt did rise but not massively to start with, still take my temp at different times so I think it affects it!
Yes desperate to test! Are you?!

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Newbie9 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:05:43

@BMWL sorry to hear that, hope you are feeling better today
When will you test?

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candycrush2298 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:14:30


I am 3 days behind you. 6th June was my 1DPO.

How you guys doing?

BMWL Tue 09-Jun-20 22:23:38

@Newbie9 thank you! I was emotional for no reason, so I'm hoping that's maybe a sign (wishful thinking))
I won't test until I miss my period which should be between the 16-19th.. so still a while yet!
When are you going to test?x

ApplePie86 Tue 09-Jun-20 23:12:22

@Newbie9 Nope - I'm totally avoiding testing! Totally glad I don't feel the need to. Only reason I tested last time was because I got a really positive OPK which didn't seem right.

In other news - found out SIL is pregnant but can barely look after her current kids. Meanwhile I'm going on 4 years :-(

Newbie9 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:53:57

I'm going to hold off testing for as long as possible, may test Monday if af hasn't come. It's due Monday-weds xx

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BMWL Mon 15-Jun-20 13:56:43

I did anyway this morning and then again this afternoon. Currently 11dpo.
I can see a hint of a line, my husband can see it too but we don't want to get our hopes up as it's still early.
Top test is this morning with SMU
Bottom test is this afternoon

Am I going crazy or is there something there?

Newbie9 Mon 15-Jun-20 15:13:47

@BMWL hey! Yes I think I can make out a very faint line
Test again tomorrow & hopefully it'll be darker
Fingers crossed hun xx

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BMWL Mon 15-Jun-20 15:51:12

Thank you @Newbie9
I'll test again tomorrow and see what they're like then!xx

Newbie9 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:46:32

@BMWL how did your retest go? X

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BMWL Wed 17-Jun-20 20:01:43

@Newbie9 I tested yesterday with a digital and got this 😊
Have an early scan next week just to ensure it's in the right place.
Feeling quite nervous until that scan is out of the way!xx

Newbie9 Wed 17-Jun-20 20:03:55

That's great! Congratulations hun
I hope your scan goes well
I also got my BFP too 😃

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BMWL Wed 17-Jun-20 20:08:26

Ahh congrats @Newbie9 !
What is your due date? We are probably around the same. Mine is feb 22nd 😊 x

Newbie9 Wed 17-Jun-20 20:10:37

@BMWL thank you, mine is 23rd so almost the same
How are you feeling x

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BMWL Wed 17-Jun-20 20:13:00

I've been extremely tired the past two days. I slept for 15 hours last night and had to have a nap today which isn't like me at all! I never nap!
Apart from that I feel ok, mild cramping but I think that's normal! How about you?

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