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TTC #1

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PabsyPops Wed 03-Jun-20 00:24:05

Hi guys! Just wanted to start a new thread and meet others on the journey of TTC baby #1. I am 32, super nervous and have recently started to use Clear Blue OPKs so would love to hear about others journeys! X

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GetTheSprinkles Wed 03-Jun-20 00:54:15


I'm a bit cheeky commenting as I'm not currently TTC but I was you this time last year. I now have my beautiful son smile

My tips would be:

Try to enjoy the TTC journey because it is really easy to get bogged down in the 'Why didnt it work this month?' and to get a little obsessive. We eventually conceived on the 5th month and I had gone from 'ooh maybe I'm ovulating today we should probably DTD' in Month One to someone who used ovulation sticks, took maca powder, had an acupuncturist session (this is so not my thing!) and made my poor DH do a Sperm test we bought online amongst a million other things that were probably completely unnecessary.

Avoid becoming a POAS (pee on a stick/ pregnancy test) addict . It's best to wait until after your missed period to test to avoid wasting lots of money every month (easier said than done).

Take FULL advantage of baby free life. You will soon miss the simple pleasures in life such as a lie in, watching TV quietly, drinking a cup of coffee while still warm and being able to have a shower without worrying the baby will wake up the second you step in.

Good luck!

Sachertorten Wed 03-Jun-20 00:54:55

Hi! Same here. Am 33 and also TTC #1. Are you UK based? Trying to figure out if this forum is more UK or US. X

Ryebrook Wed 03-Jun-20 09:16:39

Hi I'm 31. Just starting month 2 of TTC. I'm in the UK. I dont want to become a pee on a stick everyday lady but I am counting my days and trying to read the signs. 🤞 X

PabsyPops Wed 03-Jun-20 09:27:12

@Sachertorten I'm UK based - I wasn't sure if it was mainly UK or US either!! I got my first solid smiley on the OPK today so I was very excited grinbest get busy lol.

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Sachertorten Wed 03-Jun-20 09:42:18

Hooray @PabsyPops I'm glad most are UK, the US boards were talking about US products and I was confused or frustrated if I wasn't able to get them! Fingers crossed!

2020mission Wed 03-Jun-20 10:22:47

Hey I’m also 32 and TTC baby #1. In the UK too. When are you all planning to test next? It’s looking like it will be the 20th June for me. It’s my 3rd cycle of trying.

PabsyPops Wed 03-Jun-20 11:26:37

@2020mission hey! According to my Flo app AF is due on 19th June but I'm really irregular so who knows!! I have a really positive feeling about this month (probs cos we are doing the SMEP method) but who knows! Good luck smile

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2020mission Wed 03-Jun-20 11:33:16

@PabsyPops I have a good feeling too. We are putting in extra days of DTD this month. The last 2 cycles we had sex every second day throughout the fertile window which hasn’t seemed to be working so hopefully we can go every day in the few days leading to ovulation this time for a higher chance🤞

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 12:10:25

I'm also a first time TTC-er. 31 yrs old, UK based. Came off the pill in March. Currently body is either considering starting first post pill period (on CD78) or implantation bleeding hmm (on day 2 of very faint brown discharge). Had a positive OPK around 7 days ago. I wouldn't have stayed on the pill so long if I had known my cycle was going to take so long to even approach typical afterwards!

Peach1204 Wed 03-Jun-20 12:35:34

Hi ladies. I'm TTC #1. 31 from UK came off my pill at the end of March and in my second FW. How's everyone's journeys so far? I feel like since making the decision to TTC I want this more than ever! Xxx

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 13:17:55

Hey @Peach1204 - I agree I suddenly want it more now we are actively trying. I have felt v frustrated about period being MIA for so long after coming off the pill and only getting a positive ovulation marker on CD70- odd. It also doesnt time correctly if what I'm experiencing now is the start of period. Feel a bit like I dont know my own body and it's all very random?

SalG93 Wed 03-Jun-20 13:22:46

Hi everyone!

TTC 1st time, currently on cycle 9!
It's so overwhelming trying to read all the info to up your chances.

I'm an over thinker so I definitely need to learn not to stress so much and over think every symptom in the TWW!

Is anyone taking any supplements or anything at all?

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 13:26:50

@SalG93 - just the important standard folic acid and vitamins D and iron cause I am deficient smile

Peach1204 Wed 03-Jun-20 13:34:20

@TheDaydreamBelievers did you have a withdrawal bleed when you came off the pill? Mine came about 2 weeks after, then 2 weeks after that I assume was AF as 4 weeks later I bled again and assume AF. I haven't used them but are you using the ovulation strips? Lots of people seem to use them on here. I'm home alone (furlough) most of the time and it's all I can think about. I need a hobby! Xxx

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 13:50:25

@peach1204 - had the withdrawal bleed v soon after yeah then nothing for ages! Was using ovulation sticks from about CD 40 onwards to see if I was ovulating at all. Got a positive about 6 days ago (CD 70 odd) then yesterday and today brown stained discharge, which seems to be decreasing rather than increasing. So could be: 1) ovulation bleed 2) random hormonal nonsense whilst my body comes of pills or 3) start of AF

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 13:51:19

Sorry, i mean 1) implantation bleed not ovulation (but that would be seriously lucky if it were)

Peach1204 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:02:47

@TheDaydreamBelievers fingers crossed for number 1! It can happen. Keep us updated on what's going on. I keep thinking I'm having pains which could be implantation but I think it's more psychological! Xxx

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 14:05:15

Yeah @peach1204 - trying not to symptom spot as realistically I have been on the pill and not had a natural period in 12 years. Therefore, literally any symptom could be pregnancy or could just be AF. For example, had sore and puffy boobs/nips the other day, but lots of people get that in the lead up to AF.

Em4815 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:12:17

Hi all - I'm also 32 and TTC#1! We started in December but held off March, April due to Covid, then I thought well sod it, no ones getting any younger so may as well continue with it all! At least we know what we are letting ourselves in for (my friend had a baby in April and obviously a global pandemic was not on the radar for most of her pregnancy).

AF due around 17th June I think!

Peach1204 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:26:20

@TheDaydreamBelievers I agree. Feel like AF is worse now then before (I had 11 years on the pill and most of the tine was on one where you don't tend to have a period) xxx

Kay00 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:46:00

Hi ladies, I'm 34 (35 soon.. eek!) and we have only just decided to TCC #1 (after 17 years together). I finish my last pill packet this week, should have ny AF as usual, then we will be contraception free!

Thinking of having a month or two using condoms, just so I can get to grips with my cycle, but I'm also tempted to dive straight in :D

I'm taking folic acid, I have bought a thermometer, OPK strips and have a note book ready to start tracking things... I'm trying not to be obsessive, rather i'm just interested to really understand my body. I have been on the pill since I was 18, so I have no idea!

Good luck ladies!!

2020mission Wed 03-Jun-20 16:15:55

Welcome all!

@Em4815 I started trying in January but we did similar to you and stopped trying for 2 months (April-May) because of the virus. So it feels like I’ve been trying for 6 months but need to remind myself this is actually attempt number 4!

I had a chemical in January which was both bad and good. It let me know that we were able to successfully get the sperm and egg together but it also made me worry that something is up when it didn’t stick. The following 2 months we had nothing happen despite following the exact same pattern as the first cycle.

Keeping positive for this month though!

Sansa87 Wed 03-Jun-20 16:23:37

Same! I’m 32, and af due June 17th.

I spent a few years ttc with an ex but it never happened. He had a very low sperm count, and whilst we had IVF appointments, in hindsight we got together too young and we kept rescheduling appointments because we didn’t want it with each other.

This is the first cycle trying with my partner (35). We managed to bd 3 out of 5 fertile days, using the clear blue digital opk. I’m really not hopeful though. Partly because I’ve only ever had negative experiences, but also we both just over thought it too much, it was stressful, it wasn’t fun, we were exhausted.

I mean, it happened, but I’m not expecting anything to come from it this month 😔

Still, it’s a great learning experience for both of us.

Good luck everyone! (I need to stop obsessively lurking on here, because it’s going to make the 2ww go even slower 😂)

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 03-Jun-20 18:23:23

We felt the same @Em4815 - on one hand, pandemic isnt the best time to have a baby, on the other I am not too concerned about the slight additional risk to pregnant women, theres never a great time to have a baby, and life cant really wait.

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