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Morrison’s BFP and then lots of BFN’s, what is going on?

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Celebi Sun 31-May-20 22:32:33

I’ve NC for this as I know at least one person on here irl, and it would be massively outing!

My period was due around the 22nd May. I have PCOS and somewhat irregular cycles. In the past year, they have settled into a one every other month pattern, and for the past 3 months, they have started getting closer together, to between 30-33 days apart (down from 45-50 days). I’m in my early 30’s, and have read somewhere that PCOS can start to settle at this age.

Anyhow, I’m currently at cd48, and no sign of a period. I’ve felt some light twinges on and off, been really tired, and could eat everything in sight! I also have a cold sore which only appeared a couple of days ago, (periods are usually a trigger of them for me).

I bought a couple of Morrison’s tests on Friday, the first one didn’t seem to show up properly, and then I got a faint, but obvious positive with the second. I have since tested with clearblue early detection, digi, IC’s and a FRER. All negative!

I’m so confused. Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

(Morrison’s test picture attached).

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Wifeofbikerviking Sun 31-May-20 23:10:11

They pick up hcg at different levels. Because your cycle can be so changeable I'd recommend getting a blood test from the doctor

Ohnoherewego62 Sun 31-May-20 23:49:32

Clearblue are shit to be quite honest.

Stick with the morrisons tests. I can definitely see that line with colour though. If you're newly pregnant then maybe it will take time for line to develop or is it possible you're having a chemical pregnancy?

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