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Does anyone else literally never have a second line on opk?

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FruitTwistFanta Fri 29-May-20 14:18:35

And I don’t mean a lighter line than the control line, i mean no line at all!

I do have very irregular periods so could be that I’m just testing at the wrong time. But when I’ve looked online I keep seeing that there should always be a second line there but it’s just darker when you actually ovulate.

I track my bbt as well so I’m not too fussed about the opk but just find it strange!

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loulamay Fri 29-May-20 15:57:05

I never used to get lines on the cheaper sticks you could buy in bulk from Amazon and also had irregular cycles like you. Got tired of not knowing when I was ovulating and invested in the Clear Blue digital monitor thing, after the first month it gave me much more accurate high and peak days and I worked out that I was ovulating late into my cycle. It put my mind at rest!

FruitTwistFanta Fri 29-May-20 17:23:22

Yeah it’s the cheap ones I’m using! I may have to invest in the clear blue ones. Thanks for your reply 🙂

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JENHEL Fri 29-May-20 17:30:46

I swear by those clearblue digital ones, and recording basal body temperature.

I would get peak ovulation on the sticks & my temperature would rise 1 or 2 days later - suggesting I ovulated 1 or 2 days after peak ovulation on the sticks.

I was pregnant in 3 months of using them 😍

Onceuponatimethen Fri 29-May-20 17:34:16

I never get them even on clear blue - very irregular cycle! Three pregnancies though!!

I bought taking charge of your fertility by Toni Wechsler - really much more helpful and I swear made me get pg

loulamay Fri 29-May-20 17:51:51

The one sign I can ALWAYS rely on is the egg-white mucus. The Clearblue have been awesome but they're pricey!

Domojowe Wed 10-Jun-20 11:13:40

Hi ladies, I am getting a real mixture of OPK coming back, some have no line some have a faint line and I have had one darker line ( still not as dark as I think it’s supposed to be. Is this normal ? Does anyone have any experience like this ?

Alittleshortforaspacepooper Fri 19-Jun-20 12:03:10

They never worked for me. Apparently I never ovulated, but still managed to get pregnant several times...

Haven't tried the clear blue ones, maybe you'll have more success with those?

ty1996 Fri 19-Jun-20 12:33:50

I'm struggling with mine too.. clear blue are saying I'm having high fertility but the cheaper opk literally have no line or the faintest lines and aren't getting and darker. It's frustrating isn't it x

zippityzip Fri 19-Jun-20 14:48:33

I'm losing the will to live with TTC because according to One Step I never ovulate. Ever. It's so frustrating.

ELAINE180217 Mon 29-Jun-20 15:25:24

Can anyone see the faint line my partner can see lol

Franklyme8 Sat 04-Jul-20 17:50:49

My ovulation tests are all over the place, I’m using the Femometer ovulation tests and one day it will have a faint line which the app determines as ‘high’ fertility, next day there will be nothing at all, then next day a faint line again, then nothing, it’s been so random since early on my cycle!

I’m also using the Clearblue advanced and that’s been saying high fertility last few days but the Femometer sticks have had nothing. So confusing! 🤔

SociallyDistanced2020 Sun 05-Jul-20 08:46:03

You may not be ovulating. You can have regular periods without ovulating. Maybe worth asking your GP for blood tests to check your hormones. But also worth using OPKs to test twice a day, so AM and PM as surges can be quite short for some and you can miss it otherwise. Happened to me and I have mild PCOS. Good luck.

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