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Clearblue ovulation test with people with PCOS

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LHW87 Thu 28-May-20 19:19:25

Hi, I wanted to post just more for information for others than for a discussion point.

I have diagnosed PCOS and have had irregular cycles for years. We are lucky to have had a daughter a year ago.

We are looking at trying for a second, and I want to reduce the stress of getting pregnant as much as possible. I tried the clearblue Opk and got flashing smiley face on the second day which I knew couldn’t be true.... 18 days later I got the solid smiley face.

I temperature chart anyway so I know when I am due on and this is the best method (I knew I was pregnant with DD by it) and it tallies.

I don’t want to give any false hope, and I think you need to be diagnosed with PCOS to be in this situation, but there isn’t much out there (and I’ve obvs googled) on how the opk kits work for those with with irregular cycles. Hope this helps Xx

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