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Post mini pill

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Ems2111 Wed 27-May-20 21:41:43


I’m Emma. I’m new to mumsnet and not sure if it’s ok to start new threads from scratch so apologies in advance if Iv posted in the wrong area!

I am 31 and I have been on the mini pill for two years and stopped in March. I had a light bleed about 2-3 weeks afterwards and then a really heavy bleed which lasted about 5 days mid April. Unfortunately Iv not had anything else so I took a negative 99p pregnancy test today...

I just wondered what other people’s experiences might be with getting a regular period after coming off the mini pill? Is it something to be worried about?


Emma smile

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Louisac93 Wed 27-May-20 21:49:37

I came off the pill in April had a small bleed 4 weeks later and ovulated (confirmed with the clear blue test) so looks like my periods are straight back to normal
Hoping cycle 2 will be our month x

LuluFireray Thu 28-May-20 16:31:53

I think everyone has a different story with coming off the mini pill, but just for reference here's mine:

Took my last pill on 7th December and had a 2 day very light withdrawal bleed 3 days later.
Had cramps on and off but no proper bleed until 19th January.
I've then had regular cycles since then, the only difference is that I ovulate around CD10 and my cycles are around 25-27 days. I can't really remember what my cycles were like before the pill since I was 17 when I went on it, but I think they were around 26-28 days.

Still TTC so this is my 6th proper cycle since coming off the pill and no luck yet. It definitely takes time, and I think my body didn't really go back to normal for a while, i don't even know if it has now.

Good luck!

MrsKin90 Fri 29-May-20 09:39:58

It can take up to six months for cycles to settle after the mini pill, so my doctor told me and I go around telling everyone else 😂
I would keep taking a pregnancy test once a week/every other week until you get a period if you can because you could get pregnant before you get another period so best to check as you go 😊
I didn't get a withdrawal bleed and just got a heavy period three weeks after stopping. They've been regular since then but as someone else said it's different for everyone. I wouldn't worry at all at this stage.

Ems2111 Fri 29-May-20 10:08:30

Thank you for all your responses. It sounds like there’s a variation- I will keep taking pregnancy tests just in case!

I rang the doctor and he mentioned possibly taking a blood test to check hormones when my next period arrives as a few years before I went on the pill I did have some irregularity for a short period which at the time the doctor said it was possibly due to anxiety (really difficult patch mid 20s).

Will keep you updated! flowers

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Skyla01 Fri 29-May-20 10:25:19

When I stopped the pill I didn't have a withdrawal bleed. Took 2 months for my first period to come. Then another 4 months before my cycles became regular. And 11 cycles in total before I fell pregnant.

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