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TTC #2

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helia Wed 27-May-20 11:36:58

I've been on the fence about TTC #2 given the coronavirus situation and I have been going back and forth about what to do. However, we've decided to go for it now - starting either this month or possibly next.

I've tried following some of the recent TTC threads for support but quite frankly I can't keep up with the volume of posts on them. I've seen threads for those TTC #2 (or #3 or #4) on here before but I can't find a current one so thought I'd start my own. Would anyone like to join me on here? Please feel free to chime in.

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JoesM12 Wed 27-May-20 11:53:07

Hey @helia 😊
I’m currently ttc baby #2!
We’re on our 8th month! When coronavirus all kicked off we briefly discussed stopping ttc but both agreed we’d been going for so long already at that point we didn’t want to give up. I’m hoping it’s going to happen soon!
Nice to have another person to chat to that’s going for baby#2 😊

helia Wed 27-May-20 14:32:23

@JoesM12 I hope it happens for you soon. I can absolutely see why you wanted to carry on trying. Did you conceive your first child relatively quickly? We conceived DS the second month we tried which was a massive shock (and a blessing) at the time. That was over four years ago now so goodness knows what to expect this time around, particularly as I'm that bit older now (early 30s).

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helia Fri 29-May-20 19:21:49

Wondering if there's anyone else who would like to join this thread?

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