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2WW - join in!!!!!!!

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Nannon145 Tue 26-May-20 20:18:23

Hey everyone! I'm currently on CD16 and am 1DPO.

I thought I would create a group that everyone can join (I know there's a lot out there but thought I'd start one so people can join who are in the same time frame as me)

This is our first cycle after a miscarriage at 5 weeks so hoping that we get our rainbow baby 🌈 👶🏼

Feel free to join, tell me your stories, let's get through this 2WW wait together!! lol!

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Nannon145 Tue 26-May-20 21:16:22

Bump - anyone????

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steph1357 Tue 26-May-20 21:27:45


I’m new to all this - no children yet and 1st month TTC - I’m on cd20 and 6 dpo and getting all sorts of symptoms, main ones being nausea / dizziness (like a hangover feeling!). This tww is impossible and it’s only month 1! I only came off the pill 3 weeks ago (have been on it for 10+ years) so not sure what my cycle would “normally” feel like which is making it confusing but I used a digital opk and got the smiley on day 13 smile

It’s all so new to me (I’m sure we weren’t taught all this in school!) so being googling literally everything, think I need to wait at least another 6-7 days before testing.

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, keeping everything crossed for you this time around xx

SarahTTC2020 Tue 26-May-20 21:44:19

Hi! I'm also 1dpo, I have a 42 day cycle so AF is due 11th June , feels like a long time to be waiting!
I'm 32 and this is my first cycle trying. So sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. I'll keep fingers crossed for you

Nannon145 Tue 26-May-20 21:46:01

Hey @steph1357!

Thanks for joining. It's so good being able to have someone to talk to!

I was exactly the same as you. I'd been on the pill for 6/7 years and came off in February ready to TTC for our 1st baby. March was my first month of properly trying but didn't take any ovulation tests that month. Then April was 2nd month trying, took ovulation tests, ovulated on CD18 and did get pregnant but like I say, unfortunately had a miscarriage.

We decided to jump straight on and try again (literally lol!) and I've ovulated CD14 this time round.

I know!!! I wish we were taught more about this in school. I didn't realise there was so much to having a baby! I thought it was a case of come of your pill get pregnant woo! 🤣🤣

Yeah, if I were you, I'd probably test on the day of your missed period if you can last till then! But believe me, I know how hard it is. If not, some people start testing from 10DPO, but try and hold out for as long as you can! Symptoms seem promising though! I know my first cycle I did a lot of symptom spotting and I think I got confused with ovulation symptoms and pregnancy symptoms because obviously it's the first time ovulating in so long!!!

Thank you, my fingers are crossed for you too 🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️ XX

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Nannon145 Tue 26-May-20 21:54:08

Hey @SarahTTC2020!

My period is due 8th June so only a few days before you so we are definitely in this together!

Thank you.

My fingers are crossed for you too!!

Hopefully we get lots of big fat positives on this thread!!!! ❤️

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SarahTTC2020 Tue 26-May-20 22:01:41

@Nannon145 hopefully!! I've maybe been reading too many threads now as I've seen some people say they got positive OPKs after a negative one (following a positive) so now I'm not sure whether I should do another opk tomorrow to see what it says?!
Funny how quickly you can go from knowing nothing about TTC to all this new info!

Nannon145 Tue 26-May-20 22:04:30

@SarahTTC2020 what I tend to do is just continue to test for like 4/5 days after my positive OPK just to watch them getting lighter and lighter and then I just leave it. I think you can drive yourself crazy if you do anymore than that.

I know I did on my last cycle. I even convinced myself I hadn't ovulated at all on my last cycle when I obviously did because I ended up getting pregnant!

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Mich146 Tue 26-May-20 22:17:01

Hi everyone, hope you don't mind me joining in.

Me and my DH have been trying to concieve for the last 16 months, I've got PCOS so have really unpredictable cycles (up to 140 days)

I took a OPK on the 20th which was positive so I'm currently 6 DPO, this is the first time I've ever had a positive OPK and this TWW is killing me all I want to do is POAS. I'm having cramps and worried it could be AF.

Fingers crossed and baby dust to you all x

SarahTTC2020 Tue 26-May-20 22:18:49

@Nannon145thank you! Might do one tomorrow just to see and then leave it hopefully. I'm not expecting much my first time trying but it's interesting to start tracking anyway!
Now how do we distract ourselves from the wait 🤣

steph1357 Tue 26-May-20 22:24:55

Hi @mich146 I think we’re in sync smile it’s so tempting to test already but I don’t think I could face the negative so trying to hold out a bit longer. Had no idea the TWW would be this stressful! It seems to be going soooo slowly too. When are you planning on doing a test?

@Nannon145 haha yeah who knew, I’ve gone 30 years without knowing the actual science behind it all, learnt so much in the last few weeks! Just assumed once you’ve dtd you’d be pregnant straight away if it worked, not that you’d have to wait a week or so before you’re even officially pregnant!

Does anyone know, possibly a stupid question but am I safe to be counting CD1 as the first day of my last period even though it was just a withdrawal bleed from coming off the pill?

Mich146 Tue 26-May-20 22:29:49

I'm a POAS addict, I keep eyeing up my First response...I've told myself to wait until the weekend I honestly dont want to see a negative, it's so silly but I "feel pregnant" I think it's more wishful thinking but I can't stop thinking about it - how about you?

I'm unsure about withdrawal bleeds but u would have counted day 1 of it as CD1!

steph1357 Tue 26-May-20 22:40:35

That’s ok then, that’s what I’ve been doing and I got a smiley face on day 13 so all seems to fit. Just don’t know when I’m due on as haven’t had a proper full cycle yet (genuinely only just found out that my periods on the pill aren’t even periods, I thought you ovulated every month regardless of the pill! 😳 )

Working on the average cycle I guess I’d be due on around the 2nd / 3rd June so will try and wait til then to test but I’ll probably cave 😆

I agree, I’ve convinced myself I’m pregnant but the other half of me is telling me to stop being so ridiculous and calm down! It’s just not like me to feel randomly sick for no reason and this has been 3 full days now 😬 so just keeping everything crossed 🤞🏻

emvy Tue 26-May-20 22:42:38

Hi everyone!

Please can I join? 1DPO for me too, AF due on the 7th June. 3rd month without contraception but 1st month of properly “trying”. 2nd baby. Only had one cycle since having DS as I have only just cut down enough on BF to get my cycles back! So very much a guess of when AF will arrive but pretty sure I ovulated yesterday. I did the same with symptoms last month and they turned out to be ovulation symptoms, ha. So was kind of reassuring to get them again this month.

Sorry to hear about your mc, op. I had two when TTC DS so I know it can be a real set back.

Hoping this is the month for us all!

spooner1 Wed 27-May-20 08:01:31

Hi all,

Looking to join if that's okay? I'm on CD19 with irregular cycles.
We've been TTC this month properly with my irregular cycles (to which my GP is looking into due to my blood test results showing I have high prolactin levels sad). I have used the off the internet OPKs but I've never had a positive result/surge...this disappointed me a lot so we've just been DTD everyday to every other day. I got the EWCM CD16 and my temp spiked yesterday by 0.5 Centigrade and rose again today so hoping that's meaning I've ovulated. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone. Xx

KatieG200394 Wed 27-May-20 08:11:12

Hi everyone, I'd like to join too please. I'm currently 6DPO CD24 ttc baby #1. This is our first cycle of trying, we jumped right into it after stopping the pill at the beginning of this month but as I was on the pill for years beforehand, I have no idea what to expect my cycle to be like or what tww symptoms even look like xx
Fingers crossed for everyone for their BFP and baby dust to you all xx

steph1357 Wed 27-May-20 09:14:14

Hi @emvy @spooner1 & *@KatieG200394*!

@KatieG200394 we sound similar in that I’m straight off the pill too so no idea what’s normal or not!

So now 7dpo - just had my breakfast and my cereal tasted of literally nothing which I thought odd... then went to the bathroom and had a very small amount of watery pink DC (sorry for the TMI) so now got my hopes even higher as have read about implantation bleeding around this time!

Will be so annoyed if this is just my body playing tricks on me 😳🤨😆

Nannon145 Wed 27-May-20 09:17:15

Hi @Mich146! TWW is awful isn't it. Never realised how it would be. And especially when we're in lockdown, even if it has eased slightly, it doesn't mean we can really do much so time goes so slowly! I'm a dental nurse so I'm still furloughed and time goes by sooooo slow.

@SarahTTC2020 yeah, that'll probs be best! With the distracting ya for 2WW, you tell me!! I don't have a clue 🤣🤣 it's torture!

@steph1357 yeah that's what I did when I came off the pill, classes CD1 as first day of withdrawal bleed!

Hi @emvy! Very similar to me. My period is due 8th June I think & I'm 3DPO. Fingers crossed for us!

Hi @spooner1! Sorry you're having problems with OPKs. Just so you know, last month I never actually got a positive OPK. The test line never got as dark or darker than the control line so I wasn't sure if I even ovulated. I just took the darkest test I did as the positive and counted ovulation as the day after as I wasn't sure what was going on but didn't think I'd actually ovulated which panicked me. But, I actually got pregnant that cycle, I unfortunately miscarries, but it just goes to show that sometimes you won't get positive OPKs and you are still ovulating. So if you did get the EWCM and the temperature spike, I'd take that as ovulation day. Going forward, hopefully you don't need to because you'll conceive this cycle, but just try and use very high concentrated urine. What I do now is always have a wee in the morning to get rid of FMU then don't drink a lot and do my ovulation test at 11/12. I'm unable to do it at any other point of the day because I always drink to much and it dilutes my urine too much no matter how much I hold or refrain from drinking. Also, I used one step ovulation tests which were awful, I got some Premom ones and I actually got a positive with premom this cycle. I did a test and did the one step once id got my positive with Premom and it wasn't positive with one step so I think some tests aren't great.

Hi @KatieG200394! Welcome. When I did this, I used the first cycle as just seeing what it was like like you say. We DTD as much as we could but I think your body does tend to just get used to what's happening and the time off the pill on the 1st cycle but then on the other hand some women get pregnant straight away because it makes them very fertile when they come off the pill so my fingers are crossed for you!!

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Nannon145 Wed 27-May-20 09:24:23

I'm worried we haven't DTD enough. On the day I got my high surge on OPK, we did it. Then on ovulation day, we did it twice. Then 1DPO, yesterday, we didn't do it and this morning I woke up with pains right down there. Could they have been ovulation pains? Because we didn't have sex last night, does that mean I could have missed it?

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SarahTTC2020 Wed 27-May-20 09:49:45

@Nannon145 I was thinking the same because we did it on a day of ewcm/positive opk (Saturday)and then again Monday and that's it but I think it's best not to compare to other people.
Remember that the sperm lie in wait for a few days so you don't have to catch ovulation itself and you are more likely to catch 1-3 days before ovulation.

@steph1357 fingers crossed for you! I'm 2dpo now and just hoping that I don't start symptom spotting 🙈 had weird tummy cramp things this morning but could have been wind 🤣

Nannon145 Wed 27-May-20 09:52:34

@SarahTTC2020 yeah that's true. Well, nothing we can do about it now! Hopefully we did it enough 🤞🏻
I'm gonna try my hardest not to symptom spot and not to test until the day my period is due, but we'll see how I go

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SarahTTC2020 Wed 27-May-20 09:57:00

@Nannon145 I know, I was thinking that now I know what I'm doing a bit more then I would have sex more often next cycle. My period was a couple of days late last time so I just know I'm going to want to test if that happens again 🙈
Have you bought tests now in advance? Any recommendations?

Nannon145 Wed 27-May-20 10:00:45

@SarahTTC2020 I've got a first response in my drawer from last month so I'll be using that. They do show up the lines a lot better then the other tests.
Then if I do get a decent line on that 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I'll get a clear blue week indicator.

If you think you're gonna be a POAS addict and want to do lots of testing, I'd get the Premom pregnancy tests so that you're not wasting lots of money on First Responses because they can get expensive 😊

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Nannon145 Wed 27-May-20 10:01:46

Sorry they're called easy@home pregnancy test, Premom is the brand and doesn't show up when you're looking for them I don't think

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SarahTTC2020 Wed 27-May-20 10:53:36

Has anyone stopped drinking alcohol for the TWW? I've cut down a lot but still thinking of having a gin or two this weekend unless I feel any symptoms?!

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