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Support Needed for 2nd IVF Baby

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popeye123 Thu 20-Sep-07 13:18:51

Hi all,

I already have one beautiful little girl thanks to ICSI (2nd attempt) and here we go again trying for number 2....or 3

Two things bother me which hopefully you can help with:

1. Do/did you ever worry that you've had your chance and that lightening won't strike twice? It still seems such a miracle that it happened once that I find it hard to accept that it could happen again. I worry that these negative thoughts will be counterproductive.

2. Do/did you ever worry that life with an existing young child makes it impossible to "take things easy" during treatment and this will stop it happening again?

We've recently had an unsuccessful FET and I feel I need to get my head straight before we go again. I apologise if I sound ungrateful, I do appreciate how lucky I am to have my daughter. Strange as it may sound, I feel more desperate this time round to have a baby for her sake.

I'd forgotten how hard all this is

TheApprentice Thu 20-Sep-07 13:24:55

Hi Popeye

I'm glad to have someone to talk to about all this. I have one ds, nearly 9 months, conceived using IVF. As the waiting lists are so long here, we have already got our name on waiting list to try for number 2 next year.

I do have mixed feelings about it, and know what you mean about lightening not striking twice, but it does work for some people and I guess we wont know unless we try.

I do feel a bit "greedy" when some people are not having any luck trying for number 1, and I do wonder what having 2 little ones would be like, should it work, but I am 40 now and can't hang around!

Personally I wouldnt worry about the stress of not taking things easy, as I was v anxious when undertaking IVF last time and it still worked.

RosyBelle Thu 20-Sep-07 13:26:02

Its easy to forget isn't it... but it soon comes rushing back when you get back on the rollercoaster!

1) Lightening does strike twice... quite common! My friend had 1x failed ICSI. Then a DD from FET. 2 years later she had a fresh cycle of ICSI, BFP & just gave birth to another gorgeous DD.

2)Don't worry about taking things easy... a work colleague is 5 months pregnant from her 1st ICSI - and she walked 6 miles a day during 2ww as her clinic told her walking is good for circulation & implantation.

Good luck

Sticki Thu 20-Sep-07 13:49:35


I know what you mean about wanting another miracle.... and I agree that Im worried that we have already used up our lightening strike and am greedy wanting another.

We have a wonderful dd (2.3) and are trying for our 2nd. We did 3 x iui and 2 ivf unsucessfully before getting pg naturally with dd (a huge miracle!). Just done another failed iui and have started ivf again.

Having had so much unsuccessful treatment Im trying to keep it all in perspective (ha ha!) and not worry too much (ie taking it easy etc). I cant yet give up on my dream of a larger family, and need to finish this treatment to be able to move on and accept that dd will be an only child.

Agree it is very hard. I didnt realise it would be so hard this time, but it is. Im also desperate for her to have a brother or sister. Also, I cant avoid babies or pg women this time like I did before dd.

Best of luck!

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