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Anyone got a BFN at 11DPO but then went onto get a BFP after?

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Chlo2701 Fri 22-May-20 23:41:56

So I tested yesterday morning at 10DPO on a FRER using FMU. BFN.
Tested again tonight at 11DPO using an ultra early Clearblue, another BFN.
If I'm honest I'm not feeling very positive about this month, but just wondered if there were any other ladies out there similar to me that went on to get a BFP a few days later?
AF is due Sunday maybe Monday at the latest.
I know we were DTD around the right time as I was using the Clearblue ovulation digital kit.
Just wanted to see other positive stories so I can hold onto the little bit of hope that I've got leftblush

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Bluewater1 Fri 22-May-20 23:43:35

Yes I got my BFP on day 12 after BFN on day 10 and 11
Good luck

Chlo2701 Sat 23-May-20 00:02:42

@Bluewater1 Thankyou. Reading that helps me stay positive. I'm just worried as you see so many ladies getting BFP's at 9, 10 & 11dpos

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Mistressiggi Sat 23-May-20 00:03:49

Yes 11 days is too soon. But you will spend a fortune on tests! Good luck.

Chlo2701 Sat 23-May-20 09:01:25

@Mistressiggi Thankyou 🙈 did you test at 10/11 DPO & get a BFN then go on to test & get a BFP?
I really want to hear ladies say that's what happened to them🙉

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Bl0ndeye Sat 23-May-20 09:12:08

@. If it helps with my lil oh I didn't get a postive on a normal test until it wa showing 3+ on a Fifo.

Bl0ndeye Sat 23-May-20 09:13:20

No idea what that said hahaa it's before coffee .
I didn't get a positive with my lil boy on a normal test till I was +3 on a digi

Mistressiggi Sat 23-May-20 10:07:54

I was a regular tester as I was on medication I had to stop if I was pg, so yes was testing before.
But, and bless you this can be a long journey not a sprint and many months are going to be Bfns - I know the disappointment, still ended up with a couple of kids though. smile I really hope you do too.

Chlo2701 Sat 23-May-20 10:37:21

@Bl0ndeye thanks love. Just worrying as I've been using the early detection tests aswel.
@Mistressiggi I'm lucky enough to have 2 lovely children already, 14 & 10. & it took me 2 years to conceive my last child & I was a spring chicken then🙈
I'm 35 now & been having unprotected sex for about a year, so I'm worried that my age is against me & my egg quality isn't that good 😣x

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Mistressiggi Sat 23-May-20 11:04:11

You're just a sprint chicken OP, I didn't have my first child till I was older than you are now! When I was getting a bit more desperate I ramped up the ovulation tracking - temperature charting - which helped me know when I was likely to ovulate a bit in advance. I know there are no guarantees but I really wouldn't think 35 is a problem. flowers

Mistressiggi Sat 23-May-20 11:04:45

spring chicken, not a really fast one!

Chlo2701 Sat 23-May-20 14:41:14

@Mistressiggi I like hearing stories of ladies that have had children over the age of 35smile

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Mistressiggi Sat 23-May-20 15:21:30

Was in my 40s for dc2 if that helps grin

Chlo2701 Sat 23-May-20 17:35:07

@Mistressiggi that's awesome! Gives me hope! Only thing I'm worried about aswel is that my mum started menopause at 40 so I'm worried I might follow suit hence why I'm obsessing that my time is running out incase I follow suit🙈
Think AF is on her way though as boobs are hurting today & ive been getting a few cramps on & off😣
Onto the next cycle🤞🏻

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