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Can’t believe I’m asking but .. line eyes?!

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A08x Thu 21-May-20 21:13:51

Hello! So I’m 8/9 DPO today. Been having very mild cramps (almost like a niggle) on my left lower abdo since 5ish DPO. Last night had a tiny bit of brown discharge and again a tiny bit this afternoon.

Was going to test with FRER tomorrow morning but I caved tonight with a urine held for about 3-4 hours (I had peed on the stick before I even thought about what I was doing 😂)

Opinions please! I’ve never had an actual line before, I’ve spent the last 2 hours crying and then trying to calm myself down and then crying again.

Been off contraception for a year & trying properly for 9 months. X

RedPandaFluff Thu 21-May-20 21:16:27

Oh I'd say that's a line!

Tentative congratulations grin

poozel Thu 21-May-20 21:16:38

I can see a line, congratulations

LG93 Thu 21-May-20 21:17:03

I didn't even have to zoom in, definitely a positive! Congratulations OP! I had a similar line around this time 2 years ago, she's now nearly 18 months and asleep upstairs!

PetraRabbit Thu 21-May-20 21:18:21

Yes it's a line!

Wanderer1 Thu 21-May-20 21:18:35

I can see a line OP. Incidentally, at 8dpo till about 12 dpo I got a stronger line with an evening wee then a first morning one, after a hold of course.

SK2970 Thu 21-May-20 21:20:01

Aww looking good!!

Gallacia Thu 21-May-20 21:21:06

I see a line. Wooo!!

badg3r Thu 21-May-20 21:21:14

Yes that looks like an early positive to me! Congrats!

sequinsandwich Thu 21-May-20 21:22:16

Definitely a line x

A08x Thu 21-May-20 21:26:27

Thankyou so much all for your replies! Been feeling like I’m just seeing something that’s not there. I’m so so nervous to test in the morning!! X

RedPandaFluff Thu 21-May-20 22:49:21

Be sure to keep us updated, @A08x! I love seeing lines get stronger grin

A08x Fri 22-May-20 05:59:48

Morning! This is my test from about an hour ago, woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep lol. Going to try & hold off now until Sunday before testing again. This is so nerve wracking! X

Serendipper Fri 22-May-20 06:01:35

Looks like another line!

Literaryseed Fri 22-May-20 06:33:09

Congratulations OP. Definitely a line!

Elephantonascooter Fri 22-May-20 06:41:03

Yep I'd say there's a line there in both. Try and wait till Sunday and test again. Fingers are crossed for you

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Fri 22-May-20 06:50:15

I can see a line in both, as PP have said, I'd wait a few days and retest, but its looking good! Best of luck!

NoCallerID Fri 22-May-20 06:51:53

@A08x definitely lines there! 🤞🏼

A08x Fri 22-May-20 07:03:11

Thankyou for your replies! These next 2 days are really gonna test my patience 😬 Hoping this sticks!! X

A08x Sat 23-May-20 20:36:45

“Going to hold off til Sunday” was the biggest lie ever 😂 couldn’t resist but glad I did now. X

GreenOliveTree Sat 23-May-20 22:02:31

Ah congratulations OP!! Xx

RedPandaFluff Sun 24-May-20 16:46:19

Yay! So happy to see this! Less tentative congrats now!

MrsBrown91 Mon 25-May-20 09:02:50


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