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Rookie questions re pregnancy testing

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Pootiepie Wed 20-May-20 21:26:54

I’m not trying to conceive but have a faint line on a pregnancy test and lots of questions. Would appreciate some help from those who know more than me!

It’s day 44 of my cycle which is usually 25-30 days. Since my period is late I thought I’d better test and there is a very faint line. The kit says to do another test in a few days as a faint line could indicate early pregnancy.

Is 14-19 days after my expected period still considered early? Or would you expect a more definite line by now? How long would you suggest I wait before re-testing?

Maybe I’m naive but I assumed I’d feel something different if I were pregnant. The only thing I’ve noticed is a feeling that I’m out of breath when I exercise (as if exercising after a big meal). I’m aware this could be nothing but I’d love to know if you’d expect some other signs early on (change in breast for instance).

Appreciate any suggestions; thanks.

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peachypetite Wed 20-May-20 21:31:20

A faint positive is still a positive. You wouldn’t necessarily feel unwell a couple of weeks late. Can you do another test in the morning?

firstimemamma Wed 20-May-20 21:31:43

I got a positive test 2 days after my period was due - 14 days is ages!

If there's a line then you're pregnant. Not everyone has symptoms to begin with.

If you're still in doubt I'd suggest buying one of those clear blue ones where instead of a line it has the words 'pregnant xxx weeks' or 'not pregnant'.

bluebell94 Wed 20-May-20 21:36:04

I would have expected a more definitive line by now but having said that, stress and a lot of other things can mess up cycles as well as pregnancy. HCG roughly doubles every 48hrs so I'd give it another couple of days then test again.
FWIW though, pretty much my only pregnancy symptom has been shortness of breath after doing the littlest things and more tired. I'm 14 weeks now and they're still the only real symptoms I've had. Mildly tender breasts but only if I give them a prod, nowhere near as painful or uncomfortable as I had read and was expecting and even that didn't start until about 6/7 weeks.

Pootiepie Wed 20-May-20 21:36:38

Thanks both for the fast replies. I’ll buy another test for tomorrow. I didn’t realize the clear blue one was so different so will try that. Thank you!

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firstimemamma Wed 20-May-20 21:38:07

They're a bit more expensive than regular pregnancy tests but worth it if it clears up any confusion for you imo! Good luck smile

ChrisPrattsFace Wed 20-May-20 21:38:32

A line is a line. It doesn’t tell you HOW pregnant you are, just that you are.
My line never got darker, always stayed faint and tested a few times over a week (because I didn’t believe it)

MJane3 Wed 20-May-20 21:56:58

That's not necessarily true. With my pregnancy test that had faint lines and didn't progressively get darker as I thought they should- they ended with an early miscarriage and a subsequent one was an ectopic pregnancy. They don't get darker because your hcg isn't doubling as it should.

With my successful pregnancies there was nice dark lines and clear progression. Like darkness and progress can tell you a lot

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