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How many cycles did it take you to conceive your second baby?

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Bananabananapants Wed 20-May-20 00:01:33

Hello! I'm currently breastfeeding my nine-month-old. Period returned on May 1st (fun) and we are tentatively trying for baby number two. Any experiences or advice? Would love to know how many cycles it took once your postpartum peroid returned, actually.

I'm taking Vitex and drinking red raspberry leaf tea daily. Not fussing with OPks just yet.

Thanks for reading!

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SunbathingDragon Wed 20-May-20 00:05:30

Three cycles. They are best friends now as they are so close in age.

Britannah Wed 20-May-20 00:07:33

I stopped breastfeeding at 9 months old, had a period approx 3 weeks later and then fell pregnant straight away without trying or even thinking about babies. Sadly that pregnancy ended in a MMC, however it proved to me how fertile you really are once you stop. Hope you fall pregnant soon, good luck! smile

ChanklyBore Wed 20-May-20 00:09:25

Second baby or second pregnancy?

DramaAlpaca Wed 20-May-20 00:11:34

To my great shock, one cycle. And I was still breastfeeding my nearly seven month old, who had taken almost a year to conceive. My periods had come back at four months so I knew it could happen, just didn't expect it to be so fast. There's a 16 month gap and it's been great, they've always been best friends.

elfycat Wed 20-May-20 00:15:19

One. I gave up BF at 12 months to TTC at 13 months, and there's 22 months between them.

I'm glad they're so close in age during the lockdown. They've a lot in common and have been getting on better than usual - and usual was already fairly good.

Pipandmum Wed 20-May-20 00:16:32

Stopped taking the mini pill about seven months after giving birth and within four months I was pregnant. I was 42 and lucky it happened so easily.

PerspicaciaTick Wed 20-May-20 00:21:34

2 years of trying every month, then a ectopic pregnancy, then recover, then surgery for endometriosis followed by more recover. Referred for IVF treatment, started treatment 11 months after ectopic, DC2 arrived 10 months later. So 41 months from starting trying for DC2.

Bananabananapants Wed 20-May-20 06:43:01

Thank you all for taking the time to answer, that is very helpful! flowers

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