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Ttc 2nd baby, csection worries

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Blondie8 Tue 19-May-20 21:36:05

I am on my 8th cycle ttc baby no.2. I fell pregnant with my first after 1 month so I was naive about the time it would take me to have another... I ended up with an emergency c section and I am reading so much about adhesions, blocked tubes etc as a result of a section and worrying maybe this is why its taking so long? Maybe its not going to happen for me without help... anyone else feel worried about this?xx

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Moominmiss Wed 20-May-20 00:25:37

I’ve had 3 sections, now ttc my fourth. After 1 section there’s not likely to be anything causing you any issues so try not to worry. It can vary so much the time it takes ttc one pregnancy to the next

Blondie8 Wed 20-May-20 09:16:28

Thanks so much for replying... I know I am overthinking it too much and know a lot of friends and family who have gone through 2,3,4 sections with no problems. I think cause I was so quick the first time I am panicking that there is something wrong. Thanks for sharing your success story xx

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