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Mrscook2b Tue 19-May-20 17:48:22

Hi ladies. This is our first month TTC our 3rd. The last time round I was a nightmare mentally, it all got too much for me because it was taking too long to happen, I lost all hope and DH just wasn’t in it like I was and it was just all round a really bad time. I really don’t want that this time so I’m so hoping it happens quickly for us.

We have been using clear blue OPK’s and I’m currently 11DPO. I usually spot every month religiously 2 weeks before my period and this month I haven’t so in my head I’ve gotten my hopes up for a BFP. My cycle is usually around 34-36 days. AF is due on Friday so I know there is still time but I’m just getting disheartened.

Anyone else had BFP 11 DPO?

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