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TTC after stopping breastfeeding - June 2020

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Letsgohopping Tue 19-May-20 16:05:57

Hi all,
I recently stopped breastfeeding as of two days ago and am TTC for baby #2. Period showed up April 15th (while still breastfeeding) but havent had one since. Hoping stopping breastfeeding will kick start my periods again ASAP so I can begin properly tracking my cycles and conceive! Anyone else in the same boat? When did you ovulate after stopping breastfeeding?

I've bought some IC OPKs as have no idea about my cycles yet, but only started taking yesterday. Haven't even done one cycle yet and I already feel obsessed! blush

Going to be a looong journey so company would be great! xx

Saddlethehorseimdone Tue 19-May-20 18:22:18

Hello, I'll join! Had my little boy in September who was exclusively BF. We want a small age gap so started adding FF end of February hoping it would start my periods back but it didn't. We had our last BF 6 weeks ago as think I'm one of those who need to stop completely to get them back. Still no sign of AF.
How old is your little one?

Britannah Tue 19-May-20 20:42:49

When I stopped breastfeeding my son (he was 9 months!) I had one period (came around 3 weeks after I stopped feeding!) and fell pregnant straight away. It was a shock as we hadn’t been trying but appreciate we weren’t using protection. Sadly that pregnancy resulted in a MMC but trust me you are super fertile when you stop feeding so hopefully it will happen soon for you smile

Letsgohopping Tue 19-May-20 21:59:12

@Saddlethehorseimdone same! We're really keen to have a small age gap too. I had my little girl in July, and slowly added formula from 9 months. She is now nearly 10 months and as of a few days ago, now totally on formula. I was surprised when AF came just before 9 months, but think it was because my LO randomly slept through 5 nights in a row. (No longer does of course!) No sign of next period returning, and have gotten BFNs on recent tests. Have you been using OPKs? I never did when TTC first time, but thought I'd try now given I have no idea about my cycles.

@Britannah I'm really sorry to hear about your MMC. Thanks so much for sharing, and for being so positive for us. I didnt know we were extra fertile after BF! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be excited to see AF or be pregnant! 🤞 have you been trying since?

Saddlethehorseimdone Wed 20-May-20 18:18:37

No, we plan on DTD every other day after AF arrives, which worked with our first, although I'd love to catch the first egg. I'm kinda wishing I'd stopped breastfeeding sooner as really thought my period would be back by now. I know it can take months for everything to settle down but I'm just very impatient.
Are you on maternity leave at the moment? I really want to go back to work pregnant. I'm back end of September which is really creeping up!

Letsgohopping Fri 22-May-20 09:52:28

We did the same when trying for our first too, and will do the same again 😊 I think this time i was just impatient to see if I was actually ovulating! Funnily enough, AF arrived in the middle of the night last night! So fingers crossed we have some luck over the next few months...
You did amazing to feed your LO for all those months, the benefits from that are second to none, and I think you struck a perfect balance between feeding #1 and planning #2. I know it feels like a small lifetime, but your periods will return, in all likelihood within the next 6 weeks (making it 3 months total), and all the while AF hasn't arrived, you still have a chance of catching that first egg! Have you had any cramps or early signs yet?
Yep, on maternity leave at the moment and was due to return in July but my husband and I have decided that's it's best for me not to return. (3 hours commute each day, dont live near family, and very difficult to find childcare in this climate!). I'd love to be pregnant again by December but trying to keep low expectations as I remember this all being a horrible waiting game last time! If I dont fall pregnant, I'll slowly start looking for work nearer home I think.

Dr273 Fri 22-May-20 10:51:00

Hi all, what experiences did you have with cycles returning? My DD is 3 months (exclusive;ly BF but inc pumping), and I've had mucus, cramping, dizziness, and fluctuating moods, now not sure whether AF might skip or is a sure thing and I should test if it doesn't.
Dizziness is very intense - last time it was this intense it later turned out I was 3 weeks with DD, but as cycle is returning, things could be different!

ZebraKid71 Fri 22-May-20 11:00:21

I'll join you very soon! My second baby turns 1 on the first of July and we're planning to start trying around then. We have a 23 month gap between number 1 and 2 and would like similar again (but trying not to get my hopes up!).

Im still breastfeeding but my period returned at 8 months (once he consistently started sleeping through the night). I've only had two so far so just trying to get to grips with my cycle. Good luck everyone!

Nov19 Fri 22-May-20 12:20:04

Hi all hope you don’t mind me joining. I had DS in October and we’ve decided to TTC as a smaller age gap is going to fit into our lives a lot easier, plus I haven’t completely stopped breastfeeding yet so we’re allowing some time in case it doesn’t happen quickly. My periods returned two months ago as DS only feed first thing in the morning and once in the evening (evening feed lasts about 5 minutes). I’m not sure if I’m wasting time thinking I can get pregnant when still breastfeeding but I imagine since my periods have returned then I have as good a chance as any?

Good luck hope everything is going well for everyone!

Saddlethehorseimdone Fri 22-May-20 17:50:16

@letsgohopping very exciting that your AF arrived. I've heard they aren't always pleasant after a baby. Wishing you the best of luck this month it's very exciting for you! I had a lot of cramping last weekend for a few days so was hoping that was things starting but nothing came of it.
I started thyroxine when I was pregnant so would imagine my hormones are all over the place but have a drs appointment for a review next week so will see what they say as my ask for my prolactin levels checked if he needs an updated blood test, but who knows with everything that's going on.
How long were you trying for your first if you don't mind me asking? Definitely couldn't deal with a three hour commute and baby at home so sounds like you've made the best decision for your family.
Welcome everyone, nice to speak to people in similar situation. Would love to keep updated with how everyone's getting along.
@Nov19 I've read as long as your AF has returned you should be ovulating so fingers crossed for you.

Letsgohopping Sat 23-May-20 10:34:54

@Dr273 @ZebraKid71 @Nov19 welcome ladies! Great to hear from you all.

@Saddlethehorseimdone funnily enough, I read too that the first visit from AF was meant to be pretty intense, but its been quite "normal" for me. So maybe just got lucky? Cramping is a good sign, and I had quite a few across several days a few weeks back. So definitely means your body is gearing up for a return of cycles! smile
Good idea re checking prolactin levels (if you can) at next blood test, though try not to worry if you cant in this climate - as I say, cramps are a good sign, and while the thyroxine may have jumbled up the hormones a bit, I promise AF will return.
It took us 5 months to conceive #1. My cycles were like clockwork so I guess it was relatively easy, and I know 5 cycles isn't a very long time, so I always feel dreadful when I think back to how looooong and stressful each of those months felt to me. In reality, I was super lucky...
In my thirties now and would love to have 3 children, so being a bit impatient! How long did it take you to conceive #1?

@Nov19 I agree with @Saddlethehorseimdone - if your periods have returned high chances you're ovulating smile I think it's more exception rather than the rule that your cycles would be annovulatory. Could also check with cheapie OPKs or temping maybe? But neither are very practical I know!

@ZebraKid71 great news about the return of your cycles too! Best of luck! It's nice to hear you were also able to conceive #1 and #2 quite close together. Gives us all some hope! My DD is one in July too, and I would love to be pregnant by Christmas (but also trying to keep expectations low).

@Dr273 definitely sounds like classic early signs of returning cycles (which unhelpfully also can be same as pregnancy!) My cycles returned pretty uneventful expect for cramps in the weeks leading up to it. Mood swings too I'm sure my husband would say blush - but otherwise felt pretty much the same. Between my first cycle and second, I think was 37/38 days, so a bit longer than they were before DD. If you're not sure, I would test but something like every 14 days as DD is 3 months and still EBF. Can be soo expensive!

Nov19 Sat 23-May-20 11:23:03

Thank you @Saddlethehorseimdone @Letsgohopping

I think I will buy some cheap OPKs. I said I wouldn’t as me and DP said we’d just see how things go once periods returned rather than tracking ovulation just to not add pressure on ourselves. DS2 was conceived after my first period coming off the combined pill so I’m hoping I’ll have an easy time of TTC again, but I have a funny feeling it’ll take a while.

I have sciatica and the pain I’m in radiates round my hips (as well as legs) and reminds me of period cramps because the whole area just seems in pain which is confusing. I’m usually very in tune with my body but I can’t tell what’s what at the minute which is frustrating.

Hope everyone is keeping well smile

blodyn91 Sat 23-May-20 12:08:56

Just sharing, my sister got lregnant with her second whilst still BF, she carried on BF till first baby was 15months old, had to stop as she was getting very tired. After giving birth to 2nd her period returned within 4 months that was Dec 19, she is still BF now. So no need to stop BF 😄

Saddlethehorseimdone Sat 23-May-20 20:09:34

@Letsgohopping it took us 3 months to conceive our first but the first two months we weren't really trying and I'd just come off the pill so we were pretty lucky but it definitely felt like a lifetime at the time. I'm 30 next year and we want either 2 or 3 so could be our last baby.
@Nov19 we said we'd relax and see what happened with our first but I was definitely obsessing. I think you just get too excited grin
Are any of you concerned about getting pregnant and covid? I know atm they aren't allowing partners to scans etc and a lot of birthing centres aren't planning on opening until Nov at the earliest but I think it'll be a lot longer until things are back to normal.

Newbie9 Sat 23-May-20 20:48:03

Hi all

Hoping to join for support too! I'm breastfeeding my 21 month old before bed & in the night as a result my periods have only recently returned! Having long cycles and short luteal phase
I think I'm going to need to stop feeding all together to get my cycles ok to ttc but was really hoping to just carry on a bit. I think he'll just stop anyway & think I'll have to stop it when he reaches 2 as I think that's enough! Bless him!

Anyone been in this situation? Xx

Dr273 Sun 24-May-20 19:40:50

@Nov19 Sorry to hear about your sciatica. I had a previous sporting injury that gave it to me, and occasionally get a flare up, so I (literally) feel your pain from time to time. Have you tried doing any of the things that help with period pains but aggravate sciatica to see how the feelings change (I know doing anything that could make it worse sounds horrific!) e.g. walking up and down stairs?

@Saddlethehorseimdone I think pregnancy during this time would be okay so long as you weren't giving birth. If someone told me my DH couldn't be there during the birth, I would say fuck it and have the baby at home (but I was low risk last pregnancy so easy for me to say - then again the psychological support is huge for me).

Letsgohopping Sun 24-May-20 19:47:33

Sorry to hear about the sciatica @Nov19, I cant imagine how painful that all must be during pregnancy too - tremendous effort, well done you. That's great you were able to conceive DS2 so quickly - could always happen again!

Thanks for sharing @blodyn91! You're absolutely right, we dont need to necessarily stop BF to conceive, but I think most of us on here are just trying to accelerate the process for our own individual reasons smile

Welcome @Newbie9! Very well done you on BF for 21 months! Do you know for sure you have a short luteal phase? I've read it can take 1-3 cycles to normalise so maybe in a month or two you might notice them starting to lengthen? Not been in a similar situation, so do let us know what you decide and the subsequent changes (if any) to your cycles! Would be interested as I'd like to BF #2 longer, and still aim for #3

A little worried about getting pregnant in this pandemic, but everything looks like going in right direction so fingers crossed by the time we fall, it will have been controlled and life fairly back to normal- I hope!

Newbie9 Sun 24-May-20 22:24:53

@letsgohopping hi lovely
I'm not sure if my luteal phase is always short as I've just had 2 periods. Just finishing my second now and it's nowhere near as bad as the first so maybe this cycle will be better/shorter in general. Last one was 37 days. In all honesty I'd be happy to keep feeding for a bit longer!

Do you use opk? X

Workingmama1 Sun 24-May-20 23:09:53

Hi ladies!
I'm still breastfeeding my DD at 17 months, periods returned when she was 13 months in Jan when I was (and atill am) feeding twice a day, morning and bedtime. I only had two periods, with a 31 day cycle before I got pregnant. So you can certainly get pregnant while still BF.

Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a MMC at 11 weeks (baby stopped decelopong at 6/7 weeks) a four weeks ago.

I'm still waiting for AF to arroved post MC, it's been 4 weeks now but guessing a combination of BF and MC mean my cycles are going to be super messed up!

I am considering weaning, but I just don't think DD is ready. I also stupidly googled miscarriage and breastfeeding and it seems it can slightly increase the risk, but im trying to not go down that particular rabbit hole.

Letsgohopping Mon 25-May-20 21:33:30

@Newbie9 I'm just finishing my second cycle aswell, meaning 37 days between my last too! I've just bought a pack of OPKs this time round (didnt use with DD as cycles were regular back then!) so will be really interested to see if and when I get positive results as I'm not entirely sure on what the length of my next cycle will be.

Welcome @Workingmama1! Amazing work BF for 17 months and sharing some positive news that pregnancy can happen while BF. I'm so sorry to hear of your recent MC. That must have been really tough to go through, and I hope you're feeling OK. Definitely avoid Googling that search term! You'll only keep going until you find what you're looking for (confirmation bias), and from what I've read and understand, BF can be perfectly safe during pregnancy, and thousands of women go on to even tandem feed. Fingers crossed AF returns for you soon, and follow your instincts with DD and weaning. Whatever decision you make here, is always going to be the right decision! You cant go wrong.

Newbie9 Mon 25-May-20 21:38:24

@Letsgohopping let's see what happens this month. I've not used opk before either but might try them this month
Where to start with a long cycle though! X

mylittlebean2019 Mon 25-May-20 22:41:51

Hello ladies! I’m still breastfeeding my 15month DD. This is my first cycle of TTC. My cycle has been all over the place - had my first AF in December and then nothing until April! So not getting my hopes up. I actually did a test on Thursday, a couple of days before I was due, which was negative and not had the courage to do another test! X

Newbie9 Tue 26-May-20 19:10:51

Mylittlebean2019 hi Hun well done on bf 15 months, how often are you feeding now?
My cycle last month was 37 days but my period this month was a few days shorter so expecting a shorter cycle too. I guess it'll settle into a regular pattern x

Saddlethehorseimdone Tue 26-May-20 21:28:23

@Dr273 makes sense, it's good you have options. I was induced at 42 weeks then kept in hospital for another three nights after birth as baby wouldn't latch. I couldn't have done it without my husband being there. Hopefully with number two things are a bit more straight forward but it's definitely a concern.
@letsgohopping yep hoping things are more normal by the time we have scans etc. Crossing my fingers for you this month!
Good to hear everyone's experiences with periods coming back. Still waiting for mine now 7 weeks after completely stopping.

Newbie9 Tue 26-May-20 21:52:43

I've got some opk's coming that link to the fermometer app
Looking forward to trying them!!
Is late pm/eve a better time? X

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