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1 week wait ..

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Bl0ndeye Mon 18-May-20 18:55:34

I'm due on next Sunday anyone else ?
Trying not to obsess but the waits killing me . Not testing early as so suffered a chemical last month and I don't wana go through it again. Rather just think it's my period ☹️
So many pregnancy announcements my second miscarriage in 4 months feel lkke it's never going to be me

YellowMouse Mon 18-May-20 19:18:50

Are you due on 31st May? I am too! Hope we can keep each other company.
Is this your first baby? I'm so sorry to hear about your losses especially when it seems to be happening to everyone except you it is so hardflowers xxx

Bl0ndeye Mon 18-May-20 19:26:30

I'm due on 24/05 so not far off . How annoying is it agonising over every mild symptom 😅😩.

I'm so tempted to test early but I'm sick of vague positive I want to see it in bold writing 😅
This will be baby 3 but first with my partner

Is this for first how long have you been TTC ? X

AuntieR456 Tue 19-May-20 00:02:30

Hiya 👋 also due 24th! It’s my first month; we have just started to (in my partners words) ‘see what happens’ rather than say we are officially trying! I convinced myself I had symptoms and thought I might be pregnant from 1 - 7dpo, and now feeling that I imagined them all and probably am not... it’s my way of trying to protect myself and not get my hopes up if AF arrives I think! 🤦‍♀️ Tests should be in our Asda shop tomorrow and then going to try and hold out until the weekend ... @Bl0ndeye really sorry to hear about your losses 😔 wishing you lots of luck this cycle and being optimistic hope this week goes quickly for us!! 🤞

emiliet123 Tue 19-May-20 01:05:05

Hey everyone. I’m due on 29th May so I’ll join you on this wait!

Lost a pregnancy at 24 weeks in January, it should have been her due date last Friday... and I was supposed to ovulate on the same day as well! I’m wondering if because we’ve had a little memorial now and shared her full story with the world that maybe my body will stop holding onto the stress of grief and maybe that will help with conceiving? It could also be nonsense.

I can massively empathise with you @Bl0ndeye, it feels like everybody is pregnant and I’m terrified of this happening again. I don’t know if I can actually do it! 😖 I’m sorry about your losses, too. It’s such a stressful time.

I’m wide awake and it’s 1am - my mind is on a loop of “I wish I could test now and just know... I’m so scared in case I am pregnant and I lose this one... I can’t go through it again... but I will never know unless we keep trying... I wish I could test now...” gah!

I think I’ll be testing early - probably from next Monday/Tuesday! Will have to order some FRERs from Amazon and hide them from the hubster... 🙈

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 07:22:08

@AuntieR456 good luck to you 😄 with my second I got caught first month ahah u might be same

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 07:23:47

@emiliet123 Emilie that's awful I'm so sorry 😔 you've got to try an be optimistic I know it's must be very hard I can't imagine what that would have been like 😩. Maybe saying goodbye will have helped fingers crossed . Hope u have baby dust vibes sending your way 🤞🏽.

My names Emilie haha hows weirds that hardly anyone spells it like me

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 07:24:36

What day is everyone testing ? I've ordered cb digital early and 2 normal clear blue earlies tempted do one Friday

emiliet123 Tue 19-May-20 08:31:25

Thanks - it was rough 😖 still is!

Haha that is weird - and even weirder I used to get called Blondie when I was at college! Not a blonde anymore though 😂 I don’t know any other Emilies.

How many days before your AF is Friday?

imhereforthecake Tue 19-May-20 08:35:51

I'm due on 29th.
I have pcos and been started on metformin which seems to be giving me regular cycles so far.
The 2WW is the worst.

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 08:53:10

@imhereforthecake welcome ! When are you AF?
@emiliet123 Erm if I'm due on Sunday does that make it 2 days or 3? It gets so confusing 🙃. That is weird haha noway lets hope it's a mad sign we will get pregnant at same time 😆.

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 08:54:28

I'm 9 days po if my app is correct but I take that with a pinch of salt espesh as I early miscarries last cycle x

imhereforthecake Tue 19-May-20 08:54:34

@Bl0ndeye AF due on 29th so think I'm 3DPO. Driving myself mad already.

Chlo2701 Tue 19-May-20 09:36:11

I'm due on this Sunday aswel! Currently 8dpo today. Got some frer & CB stashed in my wardrobe. Might cave & test Friday though🙈
@emiliet123 so so sorry to hear that, one of the worst things ever to go through, just unimaginable.
Let's all keep each other updated xx

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 09:40:20

Can I join? I'm actually due on tomorrow. I've taken a couple of tests which have the faintest line or shadow I've ever had. I've read a lot of bad reviews of the cheap one step tests so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Especially as I have had bad period pains and backache for several days.

I was lucky to have my DD in 2018 but before that I'd had 5 miscarriages. I'm also 42 so I think even if I am pregnant this cycle, I will be completely paranoid. I was with my DD and it was awful.

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 09:42:13

Oh @emilie I'm so sorry, I jumped straight onto this thread without properly reading. I can't imagine how difficult losing your baby at 24 weeks must have been.

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 10:13:48

Show us pics @kirinm I'm sick of faint lines tho haha that's why I'm desperate not test early 😅 even tho I really want too.

@Chlo2701 I'm same but trying not too ... only in work twice this week and time is going to dragggggggg

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 10:14:23

So bloated today feel like a small hippo

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 10:15:13

Ps sorry for you losses @kirinm 💗

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 10:26:00

They're so faint, I'm not even sure I can see them anymore!

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 10:28:15

I feel a bit embarrassed about posting them now as I really am struggling to see them!

imhereforthecake Tue 19-May-20 10:28:58

I can see something smile

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 10:36:12

@imhereforthecake thanks, at least it isn't just me.

I don't trust them yet though as I'm 13dpo and really you'd imagine they would be darker by now. I guess I will see if AF turns up tomorrow.

Bl0ndeye Tue 19-May-20 10:41:15

I can see them also ! Are they coloured though or grey ? Picture looks black and white x

kirinm Tue 19-May-20 10:52:09

Honestly, they look like shadows. I've been doing these tests for the last couple of months and I've never had any form of a line, shadow or otherwise which is the only thing giving me any hope. But I'm really trying not to get my hopes up!

When I had my DD I barely got a line when I was 17dpo so maybe it is just too early??

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