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10 days over

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JoesM12 Sun 17-May-20 18:40:40

Hi @jessmw 😊
We’re you tacking your cycle? It’s possible you could ovulated later than you expected.
I’ve found apps can be off sometimes unless you confirm with opks or bbt measurements x

jessmw Sun 17-May-20 18:38:33

Hi, new on here!👋🏻 Me and my partner are trying for baby no2, we baby danced a few days leading up to my fertile days, and again on the day. I’m currently 10 days late, took a test when I was 8 days over but got negative. No signs at all of my period arriving. Getting all the symptoms of pregnancy, gassy, bloating, back aches, mild cramps, nausea, fatigue etc. Just want abit of advice. Thank you 😊

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