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What’s the earliest you got a line?

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PickWickPaper Sun 17-May-20 07:58:23

We only DTD once with our contraception this month. That was last Friday so 9 days ago tonight. I think it was around ovulation time but don’t know exactly.

My boobs are agony and I just feel pregnant.

Is it too early to test? If I got a negative today how reliable would that be?

NoCallerID Sun 17-May-20 08:00:22

You can give it a go but it's very unlikely to show anything. I'd give it another couple of days and then get a FRER. Negatives are not reliable until AF arrives.

PickWickPaper Sun 17-May-20 08:03:01

Thanks. I feared that would be the case. I really need to know as I’m so anxious about this I can’t even sleep.

I realise there is a pretty major typo in my OP. It should say “without contraception” not “with our contraception”.

NoCallerID Sun 17-May-20 08:07:18

It was pretty obvious what you meant :-)

MsChatterbox Sun 17-May-20 08:09:42

I got 11dpo with clear and simple from b&m.

REdReDRE Sun 17-May-20 08:28:20

I was testing daily and 11dpo with one (getting much stronger daily) and very light at 13dpo with the other that stayed very light for about 5 days before darkening.

PickWickPaper Sun 17-May-20 08:31:45

Thanks. I’m not sure when i ovulated so I will start at 11 days post DTD. That’s Tuesday. I think my period is due between Thursday and Saturday as I’m not totally regular.

Moominmiss Sun 17-May-20 09:11:00

My earliest bfp was a very faint line at 8dpo and then a clear line at 9dpo, but I know that is more unusual. With my other pregnancies I got my bfp’s around 12/13dpo.

PickWickPaper Sun 17-May-20 20:38:52

Sorry, one more question for this thread. What is the best brand of pregnancy test for an early result?

cookielove Sun 17-May-20 20:41:32

First reaponse early result

Popcat120 Sun 17-May-20 20:46:07

9dpo with frer..

Trying2b Sun 17-May-20 20:56:31

9dpo very faint shadow on one step and clearer BFP on FRER by 11dpo x

NoCallerID Mon 18-May-20 07:28:03

@PickWickPaper 100% first response early result. I get them from amazon.

cookielove Sat 23-May-20 19:29:30

Did you test?

PickWickPaper Sat 23-May-20 20:37:49

I did test. I am pregnant. It’s all rather a shock but it is what it is.

TattyDevine Sat 23-May-20 20:48:40


I got a line 8 days post ovulation with both kids. First response in the pink packet. They are 12 and 10 now 🤩

REdReDRE Sun 24-May-20 23:08:04

@PickWickPaper congratulations!

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