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Stopped feeling ovulation symptoms after thrush?

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acaciabluebell Sat 16-May-20 23:28:32

So I used to have strong ovulation aches and noticeable egg white CM exactly 14 days before my period. Since January this year I haven't noticed any ovulation pains. I also haven't noticed any egg white CM around ovulation. Instead, I notice egg white CM at random times in my cycle, normally 5-6 days before my period, every month.

I had thrush for the first time in March around ovulation time, which I took medication for, but now every month I just notice thrush-like discharge for majority of the month sad

Anyone experienced this? Is it possible I stopped ovulating? I'm 24. My cycles are extremely varied, sometimes they're 22 days long, sometimes 31 days long, but I always have a period every month.

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