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Dizzy & room spin - sign of implantation/ early pregnancy?

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Stealthynamechange Fri 15-May-20 15:28:27

Hi all

Im bonkers, i know i am ... but ... im on day 14 of my cycle, which wildly varies in length. DP have an active sex life. This morning when i woke up i had horrific room spin, & nausea (prob from the room spin) im absolutely fine now. DP informs me a looked very peaky. Is this an early sign of pregnancy? I have a 3year old, i remember testing early then as i felt 🤢🤮 but cant remember how early.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

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Stealthynamechange Fri 15-May-20 16:56:21

Anyone have experience of this?

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Trying93 Fri 15-May-20 17:25:34

I had this when I was pregnant but not till 5+ weeks.

14 days into a cycle sounds too early for symptoms. Most people don't ovulate till then and even if you had then implantation definitely wouldnt have happened yet

Stealthynamechange Fri 15-May-20 19:11:25

Thanks, i think im probably going mad, but its definitely weird!

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Flatwhite32 Fri 15-May-20 19:14:39

I had this at work in November 2017. Can't remember when in my cycle though. Did a pregnancy test a few days before my period - BFP. Had one this cycle on around CD 17 while I was sitting on the sofa. I'm currently 4+5!

softjellycell Fri 15-May-20 19:17:27

I've never had it when pregnant but I did have it with labyrinthitis - and only at night, the bed or the room were spinning.

Stealthynamechange Fri 15-May-20 20:18:35

Oh that's interesting @Flatwhite32 & congratulations!!

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MrsSharpie Mon 18-May-20 23:47:51

So I've had 4 BFPs though unfortunately miscarried however it has made me very in tune with my body. Usually on what I think is maybe implantation day each time I am dizzy to the point where I am bed bound. Before Lockdown I needed to call in sick because I was that dizzy. About 5 days later the faint BFPs started. Good luck 😊

Stealthynamechange Tue 19-May-20 07:25:50

Im sorry for your losses @MrsSharpie 💐thank you for sharing, im keeping everything crossed for a bfp!

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