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Opk lines going back up after ovulation?

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Cb119 Thu 14-May-20 17:20:06

I have only been using o test strips for a few months and just learned the other day that you are mainly supposed to bd in the days after it's positive..I was aiming before and during because I thought the peak surge meant that the egg was there waiting, not just then trying to be released. I got a positive on cd 8.. Just two days after my period. We are using the soft cup method and tried on the nights of cd 7 And 8. I had the usual cramping and when I took the cup out after cd 8 the contents were pink so I am sure that I ovulated even tho it was a few days early. I tested for a few more days because I had never seen my lines fade out and just wanted to know what it was like. Then on cd 12 (4 dpo?) I woke up to pretty bad cramps so I took another test and my line is coming back stronger. Today is cd 13, I took yet another and it's darkening more. I know it's far too early but I also took a hpt. I heard that the lh strips can detect pregnancy before the hcg ones? I'm very confused and don't know if I should still be trying now or if I have to wait for next month. I don't know how to add my picture of all my tests

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